June 16, 2015

Washington DC, day 2

Our second day in DC started out much more promising than the first, since it was completely lacking in sick kids. 

We took the same route we had the night before, past the Iwo Jima Memorial, and then the Carrollon, where the kids climbed onto the...things again. And Elliott, the young photog, had to get a picture. 

Then through Arlington

Taking a break by the cemetery gates. It hit 90 degrees again. 

Walking to the bridge over the Potomac

Cheyenne is quite the cool kid. And Lincoln is giving Orianna bunny ears.

Cobblestoned road leading to Arlington 

Another break

Braid girls

I didn't know the Lincoln Memorial had all the state names along the top.

Going  up the steps

The ceiling. There is a line from a Garrison Keillor song to his daughter about NYC that goes "People from Iowa, looking straight up." And I felt like that a lot in DC. There was just so much to see, vertically. 

Lincoln x2

Evan held up Lincoln so he could get a picture with the other Lincoln

I got teary eyed here. 

I love, love, love that line "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right." Actually, I love this whole passage. I wonder how Reconstruction would have been different if Lincoln had lived. 

The quintessential DC picture

Aren't those cool seed head things?

We met some friends from PA and DC near the Lincoln Memorial for a picnic. It was such a treat! Nice visits and then a walk down the mall together. 

We were all enamoured with this little sweetie!

All the kids

Goofy picture

All of us, minus Tara

And there is Tara!

Checking out Orianna's photogtaphy

Rob was fascinating the kids with stories and descriptions of zoo animals

World War II monument

And the end of the mall! 

Metro station

There was some fire station activity down the line, so we sat in one station for a while. The kids got comfy with electronics.

And the zoo!

It is really hard to get good pictures at the zoo

 Pandas know how to relax.


The Carousel drew the kids like magnets

Lincoln was quite set on getting the giraffe. Which he did, since we were first in line.

Oh the delight!

Not a bad job, riding the carousel all day. This guy was quite nice. We were the only ones on the carousel at first, so he told me to go ahead with picture taking. Which I did. But with Clover's camera because mine still had the zoom attached. So Clover has my pictures and I have hers.  

I got a little bit of a sunburn, which you can see here. 

Lions. Who are quite boring in captivity.

Tigers aren't much more interesting probably, but they are more beautiful.

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