December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

It was a quiet Christmas. Even though there were five of the eight siblings home, it seemed pretty quiet. Maybe we are growing calmer as we grow up. Ha!

These two cousins are fast friends. They were sitting here eating noodles and telling each other incomprehensible stories. 

Lindsey took the kids for a walk in the fields because they were on their 50th lap around the kitchen table. So I tagged along as the official photographer. 

Gilbert likes to walk like this. It cracks me up. I always think of a pensive 80 year old man when I see him walking like this. 

Winter skies of home


Windy girl

Sorry! I just really love him walking like that! 

Tractor tracks

From the back 40

Examining tracks

Old trucks and winter sunshine

Aunt Lindsey bundling kids along

See how shiny the snow was? There was quite an icy coating. 

Love Gilbert adoring Aunt Lindsey with a windy cowlick

The kids had a spirit day on their last day of school. Orianna markered up their faces. It actually washed off fairly easily. I had my doubts. But it was fine!

Aunt Lindsey teaching Blockus. "They need to be kissing, not hugging."

Elsie loves to play in Grandma's sink.

Ashley painted the kids faces as birds. Hoyt really cracks me up as a grumpy cardinal. 

Hoyt still being a little dazed

Everyone adoring Abilene

I like everyone smiling at everyone else here.

Lindsey and her NY nieces and nephews

Uncle Toad 

He brings out the silliness!

Kids table for Christmas dinner

Cute little Abilene

Christmas table. 
The guys thought the poinsettias were unnecessary clutter. As Evan said "My meal will taste so much better with poinsettias on the table." 

Evan has no imagination.

Owen is being a dork, and you really can't see everyone, but there IS a long line of people at this Christmas table.

Aunt Ashley helped the kids make clay owls

The kids suggested that she should be their art teacher. 


Hearts in the sunshine

A chair full of stuffed animals and over-tired kids

WAY overtired. 

Gilbert found the light saber he got for his birthday. It was used a lot. Including as a flashlight.

Puzzle in sections

Sunshine-y Owen

Poinsettias in the sunlight.

Things getting intense at the puzzle table.

Orianna with her Julia Rothmann poster board picture I got them. 

Orianna and Lily started crochet lessons with our neighbor. So Gilbert and Elsie decided to start knitting hats. With pencils. 

And no, I have no idea why Gilbert chooses to run around the house with shorts and no shirt. 

He is crazy. 

December 28, 2016

Family Pictures

After the snowstorm, I went home, made everyone get dressed all matchy and marched them out to get their pictures taken. By the time we got up here with Tori, we had about 20 minutes of light left. So it was a little hurried. 

These kids make me happy. Every single day. 

So does this guy. 

Love these happy girls!

Some silly pictures

Slightly awkward picture.

 Love Gilbert being scrunched, Elsie looking like having a weird family is just her reality, Lily having a snooze and Justin and I oddly scrinched down .

This girl is so grown up all the sudden!

Gilbert was so good and cooperative this year! Even with his pocket lining poking out. 

Elsie sees something really cool up in the sky. 

Pretty much identical to the last one. But... I am going to put it up anyway.