November 19, 2017

Family Pictures

The last time all of us Vaughans were together was five years ago. And while we were missing a few family members (Lisa, Levi, Andy, and Justin) we had all eight siblings and 11 grandkids together. So family pictures were in order. 

Penny, Dad, and Ty

This elm tree has been a major part of us and our farm for a very long time. This fall, a large portion of it calved off, which means it probably will be dying soon. 

Very sad. 

But it makes interesting family pictures.

Breanna Lynn and Tor-tor quickly climbed up on the limb like monkeys

Owen had to find a twig and stick a clump of mud on it to make it look like a down home pipe. Because that is Owen. 

(And I said clump of dirt to be polite. It was actually dried manure.)

The 11 grandkids there--

Elliott, Elsie, Lily, Orianna (in the back), Abilene, Hoyt, Lincoln, Gilbert, Marilla, Breanna

Milling around prior to assuming formation



Cody being charming

When there are a lot of photos, you can zoom in on some for the fun of it. I am looking charming of course, but everyone else is looking quite nice! 

A real picture--

Scott (we convinced him he was a sibling at heart), Cody, Tyler, Owen, Ashley, Bethaney, Olivia, Victoria, Clover, Evan, Lindsey

An upsie-downsie one. No one else thought this was useful, but I like it, so ha!

More milling around

Not sure what is happening here, but it looks like we are all counseling Livie. We are so wise. I am sure she feels better for all our wise words.  

It seemed like the picture needed livening up, so I stepped up to the plate. 

Dad telling me to stop being a muttonchop and Livie telling Evan to take a picture of Abilene in Owen's jacket. 

Which he did. Because she is adorable. 

Ashley watching the crazy family she married into

Silly kiddie-kins

My tribe

I like us! 

Breanna photobombing

Someone must have been amusing. 

The whole gang, minus Scott who took the picture

Because I wanted another upsie-downsie picture. 

And it was fun to watch Scott walk backwards that much. 

A sibling only picture. We are clearly all pros at posing. We were going to face in which meant Cody and I would be staring at each other. 

Cody said it looked like a wedding picture.

So we just all faced the same direction. 

The Vaughan siblings in age order

These happy girls!

The guys. 

Clearly Dad was sharing something fascinating

Dad and his boys, minus Justin

These guys are pretty great. But don't tell them I said so. Their egos are already too big. 

Scott showing off his dental work and Owen wondering exactly HOW many more pictures he has to smile for. Not that he is actually smiling. More tolerating. 

Mom and her girls, minus Lisa

A cover picture for Facebook. But I liked it so much I decided to put it here too. 

Us girls

Mom telling Dad something and Dad scoffing

These two are pretty amazing! 

We love them oodles.  

They kind of match! A noteworthy happening!

Stinkin' Lincoln, whom we love.

Rounding up the troops and heading back for an early Thanksgiving dinner

The Whites. Looking normal. 

They actually can look normal. 

They are a family we love! 

And they are all getting SO GROWN UP. 

November 14, 2017

Saturday of Vaughan Togetherness 2017

Elsie is the president of the Tyler Vaughan fan club. We can't understand the fascination, but she adores Ty. 

Poor Elsie was so excited about the cousins that she jumped off the bed and sprained her ankle ten minutes after getting to Grandma and Grandpa's. She couldn't put weight on her ankle for three solid days. However, she had a willing slave in Uncle Tyler and older cousins to carry her around! 


Terribly cute

Hearts game

Books with Aunt Livie

Books with Aunt Lindsey

Gilbert and Abilene are such friends!

Cousin walk

Taking Tyler on a tour of inspection

Do you SEE her eyelashes? Too precious for words.

Hoyt, Lincoln, and Gilbert have a time in the frozen puddle

Ice is so interesting in November

Meanwhile the girls are having a time in a larger frozen puddle which they were using as a skating rink.

Crazy cousins

The older girl cousins

They were having a high old time together!

Not sure what Lily is doing, but it cracks me up

These girls are all marvelous

Early snow

We have a rubbermaid of old fabrics that Mom didn't use for sewing, so the kids spend a lot of time wrapping themselves up in them and making forts and... 

Scott making pico de gallo while Owen critiques his knife skills

This looks like a staged photo- "Everyone look interested in the newspaper."

Fall came with a vengeance. It was forty and windy on Thursday, and we woke up to a half inch of snow and single digits on Friday. Everyone was so excited about the first snow! And it is still hanging around, five days later. 

A serious game of Ticket to Ride

Elliott set up his table, his rotary phone, his bell, and Archie comic. 

I am not sure exactly what sort of service Elliott was offering, but it looked professional.

Orchestra pit behind the loveseat

Afternoon with the workers

Cutting potatoes for supper

Bud, the Shetland pony, in the snow

A cold walk with the boys

The boys were excited and boisterous and Bud stopped his lethargy and had a lovely gallop with them on the other side of the fence. It delighted them beyond measure. 

Reading Cousins

I love this picture!