October 5, 2017

Surf Beach Part 2

According to my mother, I had way too many pictures of Surf Beach in the last post. So.... I am doing another post filled with MORE pictures of the beach. Because I take too many pictures. But I like them. 

Most of these pictures feel so calm and soothing. And calm and soothing is what the world needs more of these days. 

I will go easy on the captions. Just to make it that much more calm and soothing. Plus, you already had the low down about this beach. 

Lompoc, CA

June 29th, 2017

(There is a fierce undertow here. See how far up the beach the water goes, only to be pulled back into the ocean? It almost knocked me off my feet a time or two.)

When we were leaving, these two guys showed up, looking very military with binoculars. I think they were looking for spies. 

(Or at least, that is what my 12 year self who liked to read spy stories would like to think.)

October 3, 2017

A wee pony

The other night Owen called to tell us that we had to come over right that very minute. 

He had bought a shetland pony and needed to have an appreciative audience. 

(See how I just glossed over my long lack of posts and pretended I always write blog posts? I am slick.)

Little kids and little ponies are pretty fabulous together! 

For some inexplicable reason, the poor thing was a little overwhelmed.

Have you met Owen and Ashley's new dogger? This is Harold. He is a four month old puppy and quite excited about life and ponies. So he had to be tied up so as to give the pony a little piece of mind. 

I really appreciate this pony's adherence to the business in the front and party in the back headstyles of the '80s. 

Ashley arrived home with the kids and my kids were so excited about showing Hoyt and Abilene the pony, that there was a teensy-weensy bit of hollering and jumping. 

Since Hoyt's birthday is in two weeks, Owen told Hoyt it was a birthday present. Because what kid doesn't want a pony for his birthday?! 

There was also a potbellied pig and two calves in the horse trailer. Endless entertainment!

This pony is three years old, but somehow does not have a name. Justin suggested Walnut, so we could call him Nut if he turns out to be a little crazy, but Gilbert thought French Fry was better. 

In other words, the jury is still out. Probably Hoyt will come up with a marvelous name.  

The nameless pony was a little confused about the grass in this place. It isn't on the ground. And it wiggles and giggles when he takes a bite....

Once everyone had settled down, the kids were allowed to get on his back. 

Gilbert is almost too big.

I love their maple avenue!

Looking in on the piggie and calves

The other day, Owen and Dad were outside talking when a pig came barreling across the lawn. A long and involved chase ensued, but clearly, Owen came out the victor. None of the neighbors have claimed him. It is quite a mystery.

It has been an absurdly beautiful fall. It has hardly rained in over a month and the weather has been record breaking hot. After the third day of the 90s last week, I finally heard winter haters saying they wish it would cool off. That is saying something! 

All this warmness means fall is a little sluggish this year. Still so green! 

But I am hoping for some color soon. What is a fall without some color?