June 2, 2015

Orianna turns 9!

My sweet baby girl turned nine yesterday. She is such a good little friend. With four kids, all fairly close in age, it sometimes seem that I know them as a group more than individuals. Especially the girls, who are away at school all day. (If I dwell on this too much, I feel like a failure as a mother.) Rather unexpectedly, I got to spend the evening with only Orianna Sunday night. Late in the afternoon, she announced "My arm is infected." And lo and behold a bug bite had turned into cellulitis pretty quickly. It was hot, red, and itchy enough that I decided a trip to the open-all-weekend clinic in town was in order. After some time at the doctors, we got to Walgreens in the nick (nic?) of time to get her medicine before it shut. We wandered around while they filled her scripts and discussed things. And I realized how grown up she has become. And how generous she is. She is always on the look out for what someone she loves would like. "Don't you think Cheyenne would like this?" "I bet Elliott would love that." "Lily might want that." "Gilbert would probably get really excited about that." 

Sweet, sweet girl.

(P.S. Her cellulitis was already on the wan Sunday evening, and is almost gone now. We will be finishing her antibiotic course, but she is fine.) 

I am biased, but I think she is wonderful. 

Her birthday celebration actually started last Friday night, when Grandma and Tori took Orianna and Lily out to eat, with shopping afterwards. They had a lovely time. They spent the night Friday and most of the day Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa's without little siblings. They were delighted. They also saw a small black bear behind the barn, when they went back there for a picnic with Tori. Which is the first time any of us have seen any bears on the farm. Oh the thrill! I am quite jealous. It was a very quick sighting, the bear backing down a tree and running away, but it was only about fifteen feet away, so it was vivid!   

Sunday afternoon, we gave Orianna part of her present. Justin whipped this up this week from stuff he had sitting around. A little armoire for their dolls.

Isn't it cute? Those little hangers! And wee shelves!

They spent the rest of the afternoon folding, sorting, hanging, and organizing

While Elsie, the little opportunist, took this chance to play with hitherto forbidden objects, like Orianna's new journal from Grandma. 

Being sung to

Uncle Cody got home just before supper, after a five month absence, so the kids were thrilled

Orianna requested cheesecake with raspberry topping. It was yummers if I do say so myself.

Elsie Trying out Orianna's box. 

Abilene was pretty chill. Ashley, Hoyt, and Abilene were in Maine for a week, getting home Sunday night, so there was much excitement about seeing Abilene and Hoyt again. 

Orianna and her new doll

Funny face darling

Orianna with Marie Grace. I bought this doll several years ago during a rare sale, but was saving it, since both girls have a doll. Orianna's Felicity kept falling apart, so I decided she could get Marie Grace for her birthday. (Who is already retired from the American Girl website. Oops. Held on to it a little too long.) She is delighted with her new girl. 

Hoyt-let playing on the window sill. I love this boy-o.

The flowers for the birthday table 

Their dolls and armoire. 

General chaos

The Code-man

Hoyt hitching a ride

Hoyt was perfectly delighted with this doll's little boots. He kept checking them.

Elsie did not have her hair done yesterday. Yes, I am horrible. 

But she is cute anyway

Hoyt being enthralled with Cody spinning a basketball. Or attempting to anyway. 


Geri Douglas said...

Happy 9th Birthday to Orianna!! Loved loved all the pictures! Also nice to see Cody, say hi to him from aunt Geri

Jolene Crites said...

Happy birthday to the lovely Orianna! I love the look of pure satisfaction on your mom's face in the picture you have titled Chaos!