June 19, 2015

Things that are making me happy right now

A weekend in June seems a good time to revisit Happy Lists.

1. Peonies on the windowsill

2. I know it sound terribly foodist of me, but I do love Maldon sea salt flakes. And this box.

3. Alexander McCall Smith rewrites Emma. I am mid way through this book. It is not Jane Austen's Emma, but I am enjoying it, so far.

4. Family time! Livie, my North Dakota sister, got home this week. Clover, Evan and kids are expected for supper. My intrepid sister-in-law is leaving California on Sunday, heading this way with three kids in tow. Thirteen cousins together--so much excitement and joy!

5. A diner visit with Nina and Mary this morning. I had a hamburger and then a pancake for desert. Because diners let  you do that. And it was lovely. The food and the company. But especially the company.

6. My phone has turned on again! It decided to go black last evening. But now it works. Why, I don't know, but it does work. So we will let the why be.

7. Haying has started. Which means summer. And gorgeous skies.  


Geri Douglas said...

bunches of fun. Love the salt box too, and your book looks pretty interesting. Wonder if I can find on gutenburg?

Virginia said...


Bethaney said...

hahaha! Us cheapskates like our breakfast to be reasonable.