June 24, 2015

More of the same

The other day, I was showing Dad the pictures of him and the kids that I put up earlier this week, which meant I watched him wade through 60 some pictures in one post. It felt like more pictures than when I was writing the post. And I suddenly felt appalled that I make people, who are kind enough to actually look at this page, slog through pictures that much. So to fix that, I am just going to drag things out for weeks. Like this past weekend. I only put up half the pictures yesterday, and I will put the rest up today. Really, I am not making it any easier on anyone, I am just chopping things up. But it seems more reasonable. 

I like to seem reasonable.

 (Even when I am not.) 

In my defense, I would just like you to know that I took 269 pictures of this past weekend. And only 60 some made it on the blog. So only a quarter made the cut. And it is hard to not put up all the pictures I love.


...here are the rest of the pictures from the past weekend. 

(Don't hate me.)

Live-Tess, my photographer sister

Clover and Abilene girl

First day lily

Boys and hay

Hoyt and the cat

...the long suffering cat

Tori and her fan club

They are going to miss their Aunt Tori when she leaves for Wyoming next week. But let's not talk about that. 

Cheyenne is getting so grown up!

Elsie looking at her birthday presents from Grandma

Wonderment at her little garden gnome and teensy-tinesy bookbag

Pure delight! The gnome fit just right in her back pack.

Hoyt like four wheelers. A lot. 


Grease covered Owen, watching Abilene

I like this view!

We did Elsie's birthday cake (a week late) with the cousins and Livie. And  all the other people who are always here. 

She was so blase about the singing and candles. Sometimes she is a tiny bit shy and doesn't know what to do with all the attention. So she just pretends nothing is happening. 

But she can't pretend so much that she doesn't know to blow the candles out at the end.

And then the delight just couldn't be held in!

Her new crown

Mom bought this styrofoam hat and crown and gave them to the older girls to decorate up for Elsie ahead of time. After a while, they came back upstairs and told us "They look amazing." 

They made quite a presentation out of them. Pillows and blankets, that could be dramatically whisked off at the unveiling.


Then the cards, liberally covered in stickers, had to be gone over and read. Marilla's card had a little footnote "P.S. We will miss you when you are grown up." 

I love these little chocolate cake kids

I still love this view, okay?



The McCoys said...

we wouldn't come to your blog if we didn't want to look at pictures...post away to your heart's content. :) Love them all... especially the one of Elsie after blowing out her candle. So sweet!

Jolene Crites said...

Hahaha! You are so funny. I second the comment above- we know what we're getting into when we visit your blog! And these ones are so precious! Elsie is adorable and I can just feel the excitement of the bigger girls helping her celebrate. So fun! Hope you have a lovely weekend with all the family!

Cecil and Amy said...

Dang you- you made me get some tears in my eyes! That one with Elsie covering her mouth after blowing out the candles is so so so so cute!

Also- what's up with Owen holding that precious baby with such dirty hands. Boo Owen!

And yes, echoing the comments above- no one is putting a gun to my head to see your blog! haha

Geri Douglas said...

Happy Birthday Elsie, loved all the pictures, you can never post too many pictures for this girl! Your kids are precious!

Jeannie said...

Keep the posts coming! I love the one of sweet Elsie after blowing out her candles.(: