June 5, 2015

Random photo catch up

A chair Justin recovered in leather. Isn't it scrumptious? 

Pine Sawflies that ruined our pine shrub. Aren't they gross? They move in synchronization, all wiggling at the same time. They don't eat new growth, so technically, our pine shrub isn't ruined, just ugly. Annoying things.

This is another pest. Red lily beetles. They will eat the lily plant entirely. Hand picking them off the plants and checking for eggs is the best control, so I check over my plants when I come back from my walk in the morning.

These are the eggs of the beetle, on the underside of the leaf. 

I have a jar filled with soapy water that I dump the leaves and beetles in. The other day I had a jar of salad dressing next to it and almost grabbed the wrong one to sprinkle on my salad. Needless to say, I moved the beetle jar far away.

A snapper laying eggs

Owen, instructing Tori in the way she must go in regard to hay.

Tori, unmoved, talking to Elsie.

Owen and friends reading his birthday card

Sunshiney woods

Last week, I walked to school with the kids. Round trip it is 5 and a half miles, so I probably won't do it again, since that is a long time to expect the kids to be content in a jogging stroller, but it was fun. 

Weeping willow

Creek on Gale Road

Magnificently large maple tree

Wild grape leaves and flowers

Alder seeds

The Gale Road house. My Aunt and Uncle used to own this house. It was is marvelous shape then, but has since descended into disrepair. It holds a lot of memories just the same. 

Grape flowers

I love my zoom lens

Red winged blackbird

Honey locust

Wild honeysuckle

No idea

Some neighbors have this incredibly vivid pink tree. It doesn't look that vivid here, but it was. 


Geri Douglas said...

beautiful pictures, I have been quite taken up with nature since being on the road, guess it is because I can't paint anything up. Fun to see the old house on Gale Road, it had a lot of character, now it looks like an old neglected house that was never loved. Glad anyway for the many memories it still holds.

Cecil and Amy said...

I'm surprised at Scott and Geri's house. It just looks like an old house. When has it last been occupied? It made me sad to see it! However, your other pics are lovely per usual. I didn't realize that there was wild honeysuckle up home! Is it wonderful smelling?

Jolene Crites said...

Beautiful job on the chair, Justin! Fun pictures of lovely nature.