June 23, 2015

Kids and Bubbles

An exuberant cousin reunion happened last Friday night. 

Within minutes, it seemed, the kids had dragged out enough stuff to outfit an entire small house. But they were so pleased with their set up. And they are pretty good about picking it all up before bed, so we let them do their thing. With a few wet blanket comments like "All of that has to come in tonight." and "NO MORE STUFF." We do say things like that. It is very hard not to.

Nine kids didn't faze Coyote in the least


Gilbert and Lincoln used to fight so much. Now, they are very good friends. Not sure what changed. or when. But I love that it did! 

Ponytail in action

Bubbles are such exciting things!

Lily loves Hoyt

Oh the joy!

And collisions

Gilbert was pouting because the other kids were faster at popping bubbles than him. Or so he thought.  (He was popping his fair share.) So Cody scooped him up and swung him around. 

Hoyt is so in to babies right now!

Not sure where he gets that baby fascination from... Hahaha
The arrival (and adoration) of Abilene

I love these kids and their busyness. There is so much to do. 

Sweet Abilene

A good sibling fight, with Lily interrupting.

Oh the joy of a good fight!

Curious little girl

Tori took this and I love it for some reason.

Another Tori picture I love

This baler needed some work


Abilene is about as in love with Hoyt as Hoyt is with her. 

Me, pushing Elsie

Isn't he awesome?

Clover doing some more bubbles

Lincoln hanging out with Grandpa

Aunt Clover helping Gilbert blow bubbles


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Fun, fun, fun! I, too, am happy about the uptick in the Gilbert-Lincoln friendship. And did you notice how classy I am, crooning my pinky whilst bubbling?

Jolene Crites said...

Hey, you made it on to your own blog! Fun pics!

Virginia said...

Cheyenne is taller than Clover?? Is that what I'm seeing here??

Bethaney said...

Cheyenne IS as tall as Clover. She might have been wearing heels to be taller. But yes, she is on track to outpace Clover by quite a bit.