June 18, 2015


Colors are so glorious. Especially in June. But then, what isn't just a little bit more glorious in June? 


Sunset. Seriously, this was how intense it was. 

More peony

Don't worry, the peonies will be done soon and you will not be forced to endure any more for another year!

And the greenness! 

All those different shades of green...

And the blue and green of summer 


Jeannie said...

I love these photos! The colors are wonderful - definitely the best part of June!(: Happy Summer to you all!

laura said...

I love all of these! They remind me that life doesn't have to be so complicated. It can be made of of these little June treasures, with July treasures to follow, and so on... Beautiful!

Have you ever thought of selling your photos? That first peony would go perfectly on my wall :)

Virginia said...

Feel free to frame all of these and send them to me as fabulous bday presents!