June 17, 2015

The Kids Concert

I know I will be cursing myself with future hot weather, but I have to say I have been thoroughly enjoying our temperatures in the 60's and 70's. It seems like everyone on facebook, including my sister in Alaska has been having hot weather. And here I am, wandering around in a cozy sweatshirt.

Last week, the kids had their spring concert. I didn't loose the keys or otherwise wreck my kid's lives. Although I did make Lily wear this particular dress rather than her favorite play dress that has that well-played-in look. Apparently, switching dresses was traumatic for her. But she survived.

I took a few videos of the concert, (I finally figured out how to do video on my SLR! Or, to be accurate, Justin did when I handed it to him in bafflement. Listen, it is harder than it seems! This camera requires you to push a button on the back of the camera, instead of the regular picture taking button. Which is a lot awkward.) but when I tried to upload them anywhere, it was going to be a 45 minute upload process. Which seems weird. So you will have to just imagine the general chaos of elementary concerts instead. 

It seems I didn't get any pictures of Orianna's Select Choir performing. But they did.  

Lily with her second grade. They had a Hawaiian song. Hence the leis, hula skirts, and flowers. 

I was a little confused when everyone else started Kazoo-ing and Lily just stood there, her hands at her side. She was important with cymbals instead. 

The little girl next to Lily is Brianna who has the same shape, coloring, and hair as Lily. They are often called the twins. 

This is Orianna playing the piano for "Alice the Camel." I was exceedingly nervous about this, since practicing and finessing aren't Orianna's favorite things to do, but with everyone else singing, drumming, recordering, and belling, it all sounded great! 

I admire her music teacher (who graduated with me) for making people use instruments. Our music class might as well have been called chorus, since we never did anything but sing. Oh wait, we did use rhythm sticks in first grade I think. 

My sunshine-y Orianna girl

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What an important little pianist, and exuberant player of cymbals.