May 27, 2013

Thus far

We have left on our road trip. Which we have been planning for months and months. But apparently not planning well, since the afternoon we left, I stood in my living room throwing clothes around and shoving things in bags. My house is not beautifully neat like it was supposed to be and I think we left about twenty percent of what we needed at home. Unfortunately, the thought is not what counts in this situation. It is hard to be too depressed about those things because, in case you didn't notice, we are on a road trip. I was really looking forward to this, but then I got a bit homesick right before I left. My peonies and irises will bloom and I will not see them. I will miss things. 

And then we left. And I realized I get to see June all over the country. Honey locusts were in bloom all through Ohio and Indiana. Big drifts of daises in the meridians.  And as we headed north to Fargo, we got to see spring all over again. Leaves just coming out, lilacs blooming. Road trips are good things. 

We went to Clover and Evan's for the first night. Had early birthday cake for Orianna and Lincoln and some birthday no-bakes for Owen. It was a good start to a road trip. (Road trip should be one word.)

We spent a while naming the girls new little dolls from my Aunt Charlotte.

My view of Elsie. Toes in sunlight. 

We stopped just before the Pennsylvania line and had a picnic at this little pier. 

There were seagulls and geese to throw sandwich crusts to. 

It was windy and cold, but the sand was warm.

We walked around for a little bit. Looking at dead fish, shells, the waterfall, and even a dead otter. 

Weird fish

Skipping stones

I was wearing Justin's sunglasses over my glasses. I am a dork. 

We stopped along the Ohio turnpike for a run in the grass and a Burger King picnic. 

Elsie was glad to be free.

Chicago. I drove through it. I am terribly proud of myself. Even though it was 9 PM on a Saturday night, there was a lot more traffic that I am used to. The 20 signs flashing "372 traffic deaths each year. Click or Ticket." did not soothe my anxiety any either. 

Fargo, to see the Douglas'. 

Music is always happening at Scott and Geri's. 

Connie and Geri talking

Silly kids

Their apartment building. Geri watched all the kids while we went to see their lot and Chris and Connie's lot. 

Chris's model home that was in the Parade of homes last month. Impressive!

Scott and his HDS business card. 

The basement bar/kitchen area.

The foyer. 
This is not all our Fargo pictures, but it is enough for now. We are heading out for Post Falls, Idaho tonight. Driving through the plains in the evening light.

May 9, 2013

Good morning!

I am a bad blogger when Lindsey is home. But we have had fun. Here are some pictures from this morning. That have nothing to do with Lindsey. But it is a beautiful morning in spring with four of the jolliest little people you have ever met. 

Have a delightful day!

Watching and waiting


Coming back for another kiss


Dew on the grass. One of my favorite of natural phenomena, dew is.  

Dew on freckled violets

Bleeding hearts

Dew on bleeding heart leaves

Dew on Lupine leaves

See the big dew drop in the center? So cool.

I am a big fan of violets.

Grape hyacinth

Dewy tulip.