June 3, 2015

Life in June

We had some super warm days last weekend. It was 90 on Saturday. And then Sunday had a high of 52. Still, we enjoyed the warmth (or at least survived. I don't like the 90's.) and went swimming. The kids love goggles.




Gilbert had a little trouble with his.

Saturday evening, we went up to the neighbors for a surprise birthday party. We had a lovely time. 

Talking to Livie while playing Dominion

Serious almost nine year old

Elsie and Tori

Monday morning, I took the girls and some chocolate chip cookies to school. When I came back, I decided to cut back some of my bleeding heart, which overtakes the flower bed pretty quickly. And then I noticed how much I needed to weed the flower beds. And then I saw stuff that needed to be loaded up in Justin's truck for the dump. While I was doing that, I noticed how very filthy our house was, so I washed it. (I feel like this is a more boring version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

This is the before picture. The whole house did not look like this. This was the worst part, where an outside cabinet was up against the wall. 

Ten minutes later, with the hose, some soap, and a rag. Unfortunately, I can't reach all the way up the house, but the hose got a lot of dirt off and it does look better. 

Rainy Iris

(We have finally got our rain! Three days of raininess has made everything lovely.) 

Lupine leaves. How awesome are these leaves? I don't know why the water droplets do this on Lupine leaves, but it is fabulous. 

Peony buds

A peachy one

Yellow iris

Day lily


Coral bells

Please ignore my dirty window. I can never keep it clean this close to the road.

Hawks Eyes


Jolene Crites said...

Nice to be able to go swimming when the weather gets hot! Good job cleaning your house. I never noticed the need for this when we lived in Bozeman, but both our house in Lewistown and the one here get really dirty on the outside. As if cleaning the inside wasn't work enough! Beautiful beautiful flower pictures!

Jeannie said...

I love the lupine with water droplets! Wow! I haven't checked in in a while - looks like you all have been busy.(:

Cecil and Amy said...

I too love the lupine with the water droplets. Actually, you're my constant source of our desktop screen's background. Thanks! Does that make you feel important? haha

Thanks too with your busy life for making a birthday cake for your meeting's newest 80 year old!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Simply delightful pictures! Your squidy swim kids are beyond adorable, and the flowers are fabulous.