July 1, 2018

June things

One afternoon, driving over to Mom and Dad's, we saw a bald eagle flying over Owen's freshly cut hay field.

Honey Locust

I think this is cow parsley

Baby geese

Justin worked out of town most of the month of June, so Sunday leave taking was a part of life. 

They love their daddy

Doing anything outside in June is more interesting than doing it inside. No matter how much work it is to get everything outside...

I had my second grade put on puppet plays for me. Some were better than others. But they were fun!

Dramatic sky

Some leaf disease

Mare's tails


And irises

Aren't they outrageous? So over the top. And I adore them for it. 

For Father's Day, our present was to get all the maple syrup supplies cleaned up. 

Field ripe for harvest 

Birthday girl in a terrible picture on my phone

The peachy colored peony from up above faded into cream

And apparently, if you pick a peony that has a bud on it, it doesn't develop as big. They are petite. So cute!

Elsie's kindergarten graduation with her teacher and long term sub

Vetch and bedstraw

Looking at a poor frog

What a squidlet this girl is!!

Frogs are endlessly fascinating! 

June 30, 2018

Barnhart Beach

The other day, an errand took me to Robert Moses State Park and right onto Barnhart Beach. We were on a schedule, but I decided that only a terrible mother would not let her kids mess around in the water when we were RIGHT THERE. 

So we chucked the schedule for a half hour. So wild and crazy. 

My kids will always remember me as the fun and spontaneous mother-- "I think we could manage approximately 29 and a half minutes here, but no more...." 

In my defense, there was a lot to get done in a short amount of time. 

But it was lovely. 

Walking in sparkles

Alligator skin water shadows

After hours

Gilbert always starts out wading with his pants up. But inevitably, two minutes later he sees something important and charges off up to his waist. 


Gilbert trying to call the seagulls to him. 

Didn't work.

So he tried to catch one. 

Didn't work either. 

Seagulls who are not disturbed by Gilbert's antics

Gilbert perfectly happy with wet legs

I think we needed an unscheduled bit of time in the water.