April 25, 2017

Springy Sunday

Elsie and Gilbert introducing Asher to Penny

First tire swing ride of the season!

I love red boots.

Teresa's sister and family were up for the weekend, so we all had a lovely time with them on Sunday afternoon. Asher is just Elsie's age, so he and Hoyt and Gilbert had a great time! 

Something fascinating ahead. I actually forget what it was. But it was interesting enough to stop four year olds in their tracks. 

The eternal charm of mud

Hoyt had a hammer and used it as a multi-purpose tool

Running to Suhit

Teresa, her sister, her sister's husband, Asher, and Suhit

With all the kids


Justin brought out Beauty to let the kids sit on her. She was a little rusty for an actual ride, but the kids had fun sitting on her for a minute. 

Last week, after Easter, I found these flowers majorly discounted. I didn't expect them to last long, but they are still looking beautiful!!

Aren't they sunshine-y!

Stay tuned for leek picking pictures.