June 27, 2016

Sarah's Pig Roast

A week ago, we were at Sarah Leavy's for a pig roast. She did a super job and we all had a marvelous time!  

Friday night there was a bonfire.

And a gorgeous moon.

Sitting around the fire

The evening preliminaries of getting the pig ready to roast the next morning.


This is a terrible picture, but I have been reading articles lately about how there are hardly any fireflies around, so I took a picture to prove that there are some fireflies still. There were so many. The kids caught a few to look at up close.

Kids and glo sticks

Five kids slept in the back of the Suburban on an air mattress. It was thrilling.

Breakfast the next morning. Justin and Evan made doughnuts, Mark made eggs, and I burnt the toast.

Sarah's place is adorable. I love the red barn and this swing on a pine!

Gilbert watching people pull in

The hostess with flowers in her hair. The locust trees were liberally sprinkling everything with blossoms. 

A posse of kids

Lynae and Elsie were purple and pink.

Watching the roaster roast.

Elsie girl

Still roasting!

See all the locust flowers? It looked wedding-y. 

The pigger

Taking it off to pull the meat

The observers

Whacking the meat off and Evan being something.

Justin's mother bought him these pork pullers and they worked really well! 

This meat was SO GOOD. 

The food tents


The Monnat's stomp rocket was a hit!

Coloring girls

Leigh Purcell got ahold of my camera and took a picture of me.

AND of pepsi...

And table clothes

And some weirdos that were there.

It was a warm day, and after a night of nebulous sleep in the Suburban and hard playing for eight straight hours, Gilbert conked out. For a three hour nap.

Assorted people

Beanbag toss. That Jon so cleverly made.

Kid's beanbag toss

Lily's perfect form. Or something.

Talking. There was just a little bit of talking going on that day. 
It was so much fun!

Josh, Andrew, and Garrett

Lula and Adella

Julia patiently pushing Elsie again.



It was hot and I was way too lazy to go play volleyball. But some brave souls did.

Some more talking

And Smith family and Josh

Those awesome Purcell girls

Elsie and Crew

As I am taking this picture, Matt tells Elliott "You are going to hate this picture in a few years."

Adrianne and Merra

Ava, Elsie, and Rilla in the dirt

Lily levitating on the swing

Crazy guys

Sadie kept taking a swim in the algae filled pond. 

Elsie being dusted with dirt

The little boys kept telling Jon he couldn't get them with the hose. So he proved them wrong.

The Lairds. And a dixie cup.

Ava and Kayden glorying in the fire kindled from the roaster coals.

Packing up

Putting things away.

Dancing in the leftover cooler ice

Evening light and the clean up crew

Clover and Evan's maple the next day was so wildly green and the sky so blue.