August 24, 2012

A Gilbert Birthday post

Three years ago (about) we were doing this sort of thing.


A squalling new baby Gilbert

The girls didn't get to meet him until the next day, in the NICU. Glad we didn't have to go through that again.

Baby Gilbert snuggles

Admiring him

Gilbert meeting Papa Mick

Hanging out with cousins

Cuddling Grandpa

Three years later, we are doing this sort of thing. 

Chocolate frosting face

Licking the beater with Aunt Tori

A daddy and Elsie

Making sure everyone noticed the burning candles on HIS cake



Hooray! We can eat it now!

We didn't go fast enough for him--he had to get some frosting with his hand.


A tool set from Livie and Tori. Joy!

A bouncing bull. Teaches balance, coordination, and essential bull-riding skills. 

And we saved this one for last because this is the essence of Gilbert. Do something silly and then find it hugely hilarious. 

I am a lucky mommy to have such a boy!