July 24, 2014

Coming Home

(Random factoid, Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager.)

We have been home from our trip about.... two and a half weeks. And where is the blog post catching everyone up on our very fascinating trip? Not in existence. We left for convention the day after we got back. Then left convention a little early due to two vomiting children. The other two got sick over the next two days. Then I felt yucky. Then Justin worked Saturday. Then the Whites came up for this week. And Justin got sick.

In other words, things have been happening (excluding blog posts of course) around here. We are all hale and hearty now, enjoying cousin time and summertime. I will put up trip pictures sometime, but right now, pictures of today seem much more pressing.

We took a walk this morning. Complete with Cheyenne's camera, and Orianna's spy calculater necklace pen and a pad of paper. You know, just in case we needed to do some quick calculations on the go. 

Lily discovered that she could see a rainbow through her water bottle, so she spent some time walking like this, irritating Cheyenne and Orianna by telling everyone that she could see space through the bottle. The younger kids were fascinated and had to try it, the older girls were so disbelieving. But they wanted to see the rainbow.  

A freshly cut field, meant some sore feet. We didn't really plan this walk, it just sort of happened. So Lincoln was barefoot, Rilla was in flipflops, and Gilbert had crocs. All of which allow hay stubble to poke your feet. So Cheyenne carried Lincoln, Orianna held Gilbert's hand, and Lily coaxed Rilla through. 

Gilbert dejected. He got thoroughly sick of the high grass. 

Green apples and a truck. 

Sticks all around

We had a good rain yesterday, so the boys had something to do. 

Lincoln stomping with gusto.

Pool time!

Fleabane, up close and personal.

(forget what this is)


Chamomile and some mufflers

Justin welding

Elsie and the tire swing

A very white calf. I forget what this breed is called. I keep thinking Lincoln park, but... can that be right?

Flowers Lindsey and I planted at Mom and Dad's. 

Rilla swinging

A few tiny fireworks