February 13, 2017

Pictures of January

I have been suffering my ususal mid-winter dearth of pictures. And pictures are what this blog is really about. So when I don't take a lot of pictures, I don't post. Here are all the non-book pictures I took in the month of January. 

Our winter has been completely non-existent after our huge snow in November. And now all the sudden we have had over a foot of snow in the past 24 hours. Hello, winter!

But here are January pictures. And I apologize in advance for all the crystallized pictures, but it was so beauteous and fascinating to me!

One day was gorgeously frosty 

I took loads of pictures. 

Our little creek

You are probably bored with crystals, but I am not. 

A nest

This is our place from the backside. 

Some of our woods

Stone wall on our property. 

This makes me so happy. I feel all acreage should have a stone wall. 

This tree has loads of mushroom. Which I take to mean the tree is dying or something. But anyway, they are kind of cool looking. 

If you think of them as tree warts, it is kind of weird. 

Not sure what these are. I just liked their berry colored translucence. 

Back to the creek again

With the drought we had this summer, this was really not a creek. It was bone dry--dusty. Hopefully it is a real creek. 

I wish I had had my zoom lens. But these are still pretty cool!

Saturday afternoons--Barbies

Lily's paper doll collection. She mostly just likes  cutting them out and adding to her collection more than playing with them. 

Whenever a new catalog comes in her eyes get a greedy look to them. "Mum, are you needing this?" Nope, cut away. 

Gilbert and Elsie's cornbread picnic

Our exciting news--Suhit and Teresa are going to around a bit! Teresa has a job in Malone, which is very exciting! The kids adore them and we have a lot of fun with them! 

They have been in Canada a year, but they are originally from India, so they have all sorts of fascinating details to tell us.

Yay! for more friends around!