June 22, 2015

Haying and Family

 Thursday evening, Owen and Cody were haying and we decided to go up and watch them. And take pictures of course...

Summer Skies

Cute kid

Smooth Bedstraw, which is an invasive plant. (Pretty and dainty though.)


Livie, taking pictures with Gilbert waiting patiently.


Owen bought a new discbine, which cuts hay differently than the haybine

It tosses the hay out more than haybine, which is more like a regular mower

Gilbert got a ride 

Fresh mown hay

About to be fresh mown hay

Livie and Abilene

Sweet cheeks!

Lily being an airplane 

Orianna being a good big sister

The baler

Dad and sweet grandsons.

Love these pictures!

Orianna and Justin

Isn't this precious?
 These pictures seem fitting for Father's Day.  

This father (and grandfather) here is pretty great. 

Sunshine-y Elsie June

Those clouds....

And this guy? He is a pretty fabulous Daddy to our sweet babies. 

Replacig the mesh wrap 

Aunt Tori and her Hoyt

Bale of hay

Aren't they sweet?

Evening light

Owen bringing up his new wrapper

Sunlight on girls 

A blurry Lily jumping 

Cute kid

Talking between the machines

This rake is so cool looking 

The kids are so excited to have their Aunt Livie home again

The first bale to be wrapped. They are only wrapped like this if they are intended for haylage or baleage, which is basically fermented hay. Owen and Cody were doing haylage here because they hay was too wet for dry hay and it was supposed to rain really hard that night.

It spins the platform with the bale on it, around in a circle

We were all fascinated

And then, when it is all wrapped up, Owen tips the platform and the bale rolls off. 


Cecil and Amy said...

I love the pics of Lee with some of his grandsons! And those are neat pics of the baling. I've wondered how it's done!

Geri Douglas said...

I never realized how much Hoyt looks like grandpa Lee! Love all the pics!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Nothing prettier than June haying. And your kids. And my daddy.