June 9, 2015

Driving Around

I have been driving around a bit lately. We had an hour drive to meeting on Sunday, a leisurely drive home through the Adirondacks, and then I took a wandering drive Monday morning on the way home from running some errands. With a lot of stops for picture taking. 

Field in Saranac. 
The police were actually scrutinizing our vehicle while I was taking this picture. I figured if we were stopped anyway, I might as well make use of it. The union meeting we went to is only a few miles from the maximum security prison where the two inmates escaped, so we had to go through three roadblocks during the day. The inmates are still not caught and now the police are looking just a few miles from here, since someone local is implicated in assisting them escape. Oy! I comfort myself with the idea that they are probably far, far away. And contemplate getting a dog to take on walks with me.

Lake in the Adirondacks

I believe this is spotted water hemlock. It is rather pretty for being so deadly. There are several different species that look very similar, so I am not positive this is hemlock. But I am pretty sure. 

More hemlock. Right now, it grows in huge banks along the road. Queen Anne's lace does the same thing, only later in the summer. 

I was so excited to discover this plant. I love finding a new wildflower. It must be some form of Prairie Smoke, but I don't know what exactly it is called.

The seed heads 

White birch and ferns are a favorite of mine. 

A school going up the hill. The line you see running across the road is a maple sap supply line to the sugaring shack on the other side. 

I know. Too many pictures of this. But I love it!

Where the pavement ends

Wild comlumbine

A vulture

The door to a deserted dairy barn


Geri Douglas said...

Be careful Bet!! Wish I had your camera, and wish I had your talent for taking amazing pictures. Love the blue door!

Jolene Crites said...

Great pictures, as usual. But the pics of the columbines are especially lovely!