July 12, 2016

Cousins and Summertime

Clover, being the kind and charitable person she is, came up to help us move. The kids were thrilled to be together.

These two!

Such pals.

And then took another walk. Precisely the same walk we took you on last blog post. But with different characters. 

Lily and Rilla were trying to synchronize their skips. 

Cousin friends! This makes my heart happy!

These cows are the bane of Owen's existence. Owen had just reseeded this field and the cows decided it looked like good eating and got into it every day for a week or so. Owen did a lot of running and chasing and hating particular cows.

But clearly the cows thought it was worth their time.  

Sweet cousins.

Some Cottens

and some Whites.

The hay Owen was raking last post.

Waving to Uncle Cody, coming home from baling.


Farmer Lincoln

Cousins on hay bales.

And Hoyt too! Doing his smile-for-the-picture face.

Seeing if they could catch a ride on Owen's tractor.

Nope! When something is attached, it is sort of dangerous to have kids on board. If they somehow fell off, they would run over instantly. So we meandered homeward.

And saw a beautiful sunset

Isn't he adorable?

Rilla was trying to coach Hoyt on how to be quiet and patient enough to have the skittish cat let you pet her. 

He succeeded! Rilla is a pretty good teacher.

July 11, 2016

Farm evening

Walking in the evening. From a few weeks ago. I am very behind times lately. On my blog and in everything. I have a backlog of to do's. I need a personal secretary and laborer. I think a managerial position would suit me down to the ground at this point in my life. 

(Hmm... Does making other people accomplish things you need to get done give you as much satisfaction as accomplishing things yourself? I would love to test that theory out.) 

If you are wondering about our progress in moving and settling in, we still are. Check back in a few months, we might have made significant strides by then. 

Actually, we are close to done the house. At this point, we are down to touch up painting, cleaning, and a few odds and ends of trim. But it seems sort of treadmill-ish. You get something done and realize there are four more things to do that you had somehow forgotten about. 

But oh, the end is in sight. And what an end it will be. 

I plan on doing nothing for an entire day when I am done. 

Grass is so pretty against the sky.

Vetch and yellow clover

Gap-toothed Lily

Walking up the hill to see Owen raking hay.

Hoyt and Abilene feet

Oh, this land. 

And now for some blurry pictures of kids jumping over windrows of hay.

Mustn't disturb the hay!

This place we love.

Rake blades in the evening sun

Doing it's thang

Then we had to jump back over. 

And then back and forth a couple times. 

Because jumping is fun.

Hay field and Elm


Fencepost and vetch

Older hay

A tangle of bedstraw and vetch


Penny girl, who is gradually getting used to being a singleton.

July 6, 2016

Elsie's Fourth Birthday and Gilbert's Kindergarten Graduation

We are still busily moving. Or at least I should be busily moving at the moment, but I have suddenly decided it is imperative to post these pictures now. Mostly I am just trying to excuse the fact that I am doing nothing productive. It is almost 90 degrees and we need to empty the basement and garage today. It does not sound like a winning combination.

But daisy chains and four year olds are a winning combination!!

Silly girl

Love this kid!

Gamely trying to keep the very defunct daisy chain Mummy made on her head as it falls apart. 

She is a good sport. 

Her birthday cake

So pleased with herself.


Gilbert was greatly excited by Elsie's Matryoshka doll.

I am sure it isn't hand done, but this 7 piece set was only $15 on Amazon. And it gives the kids great delight. Well worth the money!

And a music treasure box from Grandma and Grandpa.

The littlest matryoshka

The next morning, I came out of my bedroom on my way to work to this. 

A happy way to start the day!

And now, Gilbert's graduation. They always do some sort of play for all the kids to participate in. This year, they did the months of the year. Each month had there own song. A lot of props were involved. 


I loved this little elf. She looks so shy and hesitant.

I love the very straight arms



Gilbert was part of April. He came striding across the stage, his raindrops stream out behind him. 

Singing away

Kids are so cute at graduation. They are shy, hesitant, and bursting with pride, all at the same time. 

Poor July had his shirt on backwards and inside out.

This is the other boy with Down's in Gilbert's class. 

Gilbert has thrilled to finally be allowed to wear his suit to school. With cowboy boots. 

Mr. Berns was a great teacher and will be Gilbert's first grade teacher as well. He asked the school board to let him loop through two grades with students and I think it will be really awesome for Gilbert. It will eliminate wasted time in getting to know the students, figuring out where they are academically and socially, and learning which personalities clash.

Then they sang a few songs.

The entire grade

Our backyard. We are getting ready to list our house, so I have been taking random pictures when the lighting is good and everything looks shipshape. 

Lily, flying her kite.

Sunday afternoon