June 8, 2015


On Saturday, after a week of Justin working on our house, general busyness, and over tiredness, we decided to take a day off. We  headed to Barnhart Beach in Massena. It is a beach on the St Lawrence River, not the ocean, but it is sandy and seagull-y, so it is beachy enough for us. It was a cool day, in the fifties, so we didn't swim. Just wandered and played. Since it was cool, we had it mostly to ourselves. The kids played in the sand or on the playground, and after wandering along the water with them, Justin and I sat on a park bench in the sun, talking and admiring our children. 

And getting a little sunburned.

 It was a lovely day. 

Old school slide

Swinging and watching seagulls

Beady little eye

The girls tried to approach the seagulls very carefully and quietly. 

But that didn't last long. 

Two friends. 

I love the moments when they are best friends.

Going to see his sisters

Sandy feet

A colony of seagulls. 
(Bird groups have very weird names.)

The fascinating place where water and land meet

Sunny ripples

Gilbert was wet from the chest down, about 2 seconds after I said it was okay to wade. 

Elsie was very careful to not get her skirt wet. Unlike Gilbert who was completely unconcerned.

In a row

I love this boy-o

The night before, we had seen a segment of a BBC documentary about Africa. There were birds, called skimmers, who fly along the top of the water, with their beak in the water. Gilbert had to try it. 

Joyful splashing

Love the shady places

The picnic area 


The girls drew a heart with Happy Anniversary in the middle of it for us. Aren't they sweet? 
(We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night, but it isn't until later this week.)

They also made us an aisle to walk down to view the heart. 

Lily discovered a Solo cup on the beach, so they set about building sand castles with seagull feather flags

We had a little picnic, complete with chocolate milk

Justin barrel racing with the kids

Maple leaves

We watched a big container ship move through the locks

The tunnel under the lock

A quick stop for ice cream

Orange and ice cream

The end result of all this fun was utter exhaustion. 


Cecil and Amy said...

Wow! A family acting like a family! I absolutely love it!

Mom- your babies are growing up. The one picture of Orianna foreshadows her looks as a teenager. Beautiful girl!

Geri Douglas said...

love all the pics, and Ditto Amy, love seeing your family grow. Makes me miss my own 4 grandkids. My two granddaughters I will get to see this week at convention and my two grandsons a few weeks after convention! yeah for being a mom and then a grand parent life is sweet.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What ca-ute kids you have. I've never been to that beach, but it looks lovely.