May 26, 2015

The Evening with the Blue Tinge

We got some rain finally, yesterday evening. It has been such a dry spring. Of course, it didn't rain for weeks and then decided to get serious about raining when we decided to BBQ. Dad and Justin managed to cook wonderful meat despite the rain. We had a nice, cozy evening afterward, playing games, moving a large piece of furniture from the basement to the garage, and talking wisely. Or talking at least. I was thinking it was all so cozy, and Orianna pipes up on the way home and says she doesn't like the look of outside. And then asks "What it is like to die?" Well there went my cozy rainy evening.  I told Orianna about my Grandmother dying and turning to the window and saying what a beautiful morning it was right before she died. (It was not a beautiful morning.) And how several people have mentioned bright lights or other reassuring things right before they die. Death did not come up on them as something horrible, but as something new and yet, expected. She was content with that explanation and went off to bed. Suddenly the rain was reminding me of all the sadness in the world. Instead of cozy, it felt oppressive. 

This morning, the sunshine is brilliant, my first iris opened, and I have great plans of folding laundry and sorting things out. 

Light is so reassuring.

And now for some pictures of evening light.

Last Thursday, Owen called us while we were eating supper and invited us up to a bonfire that evening. It was lovely. A perfectly gorgeous (cold) evening.

(And this was the evening I had my camera on the wrong setting. In case you where wondering about the odd lighting.) 

Rock collectors

Tori and Abilene

Gilbert stuffing marshmallows in his face. He was a sticky-faced disaster.

Wagon rides

Owen instructing the girls in the use of tow straps

Hitching up Orianna

And down the driveway they go

The leaves were so gorgeous. 

And the view is nice too.

Owen told the girls he knew it was hard, but he was doing at least 50% of the work because he was coaching. They scoffed. 

Meanwhile, the kids complacently enjoyed themselves.

Ashley and her new baby

The girls double teamed pulling

Owen coaching

Hoyt and Elsie talking to Wendy and Winkles

Then Owen gave the girls a dollar each to tow him down the lane again. Child labor. 

Hoyt is pulling the wagon handle, Gilbert is pushing the wagon, and Elsie is pushing Gilbert. Or at least putting her hand gently on Gilbert's back. 

Hoyt fell into the hay field and laid there exhausted for a minute. 

Putting their back into it

On the home stretch

Then Owen had to pull all the kids

Ashley watching her crazy husband

Sweetest little Abilene

Running through the alfalfa

Hoyt pulling the wagon

Aunt Tori and Gilbert

Inquisitive Hoyt

Hoyt following Gilbert through the alfalfa 

Foothills of the Adirondacks

Shades of green

Orianna leading the kids back from the field. 

The lilacs are fading

Owen and his girl

Elsie was carrying Kermit around for a few days. He was Froggy.

And then the sun set and we went home.


Virginia said...

I actually like this setting for your pics! It just seems fitting and right. What a lovely evening. You always do such an amazing job at catching emotions in your pics.

Geri Douglas said...

I love the blue pics, love the kids pulling Owen and they always look like they are so full of joy. The country is a nice place to raise kids.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I must have a print of the one where Tori looks like a prairie momma, holding sweet Abilene.

Jeannie said...

Lovely pictures! Especially the 'child labor'. That's what uncles are for, is it not? We have one like that here too - also known as Uncle Goofy! I'm sure you can't guess...(: