May 7, 2015

Abilene Morgan Vaughan

I have a new niece! Abilene Morgan was born Tuesday afternoon, a healthy 8 lbs 5 oz. And as cute as all get out.

Isn't she squinchy? Newborn babies are something I fall in love with over and over, just like spring. (I like new beginnings, apparently.) So little! So light! So soft! Such soft little noises! 
(Okay, there are sometimes some very big noises from newborns, but not from Abilene today.) 

I had grand intentions for celebrating Abilene's arrival home, but they turned out something like this. Some bunting and an Abilene sign. I was going to hang the bunting in the maple alley up their driveway and have the Abilene sign under it, but there was the little matter of height I had not taken into account. Namely, how to get a bunting 20 feet off the ground. So we had to adapt. And really, the bunting does look sweet on the porch. 

And there was a bunting at the bottom of the driveway too. 

The girls and I hung out waiting for them to get home. I love the movement in this picture.

The bunting. I like making bunting. It is a good way to use material. 

Elsie in the lilac tree bunch

I love this bunch of lilac trees!

Lily anxiously awaiting Abilene

Squeal! Love Owen's smile.

We couldn't even wait to get inside! 

Mommy and Abilene


Oh, I love the interest and tenderness

Aunt Tori

Owen and baby #2

Grandpa and grandbaby #13

After admiring Abilene until Ashley was probably ready to boot us out, so they could get a rest, we went down to Grandma and Grandpa's to plant flowers. 
Hoyt came down a while later and went to check cows with Owen. He was distraught that Owen turned off the four wheeler, so he got a push ride. Which the girls happily helped with. 

Rolling down the hill

Hoyt was quite interested in staying close to the four wheeler just in case someone turned it on.

New leaves

See the swarm of flies at the mid-bottom there? I don't even know what they are, but I know it is warm, when I see them appear. Maybe black flies?

Owen was sitting here, and Lily told him he should come look at the seats in the van (not sure why) and Owen told her he couldn't even fathom getting out of his seat to look. He is tired. Getting up in the night to check for calves, combined with a night in the hospital and several drives back and forth, will do that to you.  

But Abilene is sure worth it! 


Jolene Crites said...

Thank you for the introduction and pictures. She looks like such a little cutie! Congrats to Owen and Ashley! Were you kind enough to remind Owen that he wouldn't be catching up on sleep for a good while? This is what makes parents age - lack of sleep. I'm still trying to recover from my three year period of sleep deprivation!

Virginia said...

Love the bunting and sign as a welcome home. Such better decorations than crepe paper and balloons!