May 12, 2015

Leeks and Flat Stanley (Levi)

I never put  up pictures of last Sunday, which was union meeting at Mom and Dad's. 

Talking as we left for picking leeks

For whatever reason, Hoyt liked walking around with his tummy out.

Calving season is in full swing, so lots of calves around. 

Aren't they cute?

My nephew Levi had made a Flat Stanley and sent him to us. Flat Stanley is a book. Apparently Stanley somehow becomes flat and travels the world in an envelope. And you send back Flat Stanley, as well as pictures of Flat Stanley doing typical things where you live. This is a blurry Flat Stanley and some calves.

The woods were not leafy yet. Very stark looking. And this calf had just been born a few hours earlier. 

Strawberry plants

Apple leaves

The kids and Flat Stanley

Leek picking 

Dutchmen's breeches. 

The white trillium had just started to blossom, but the red trillium were well ahead.

Flat Stanley and the leeks  

Petting the dog

Flat Stanely and a burl

Elsie was very good friends with Coyote, talking to him and following him around. 

Flat Stanley and trillium 

Following Coyote 

Leeks and ductchmen's breeches foliage

A weird fungus/mushroom thing Tori found

Heading home

Tori and Alex took Flat Stanley for a picture walk

Alex and Beauty

Visiting the haymow

And back home, for a picnic on the front lawn.

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Jolene Crites said...

Haha! Love all the flat Stanley pictures. Willow did a flat Stanley. He went to some cool places in Europe, then got lost and never made it back. Willow was quite sad. Actually , now that I think about it, Greydon did one too. We were more conservative with where he went, and we may still have him somewhere!