May 28, 2015


It is a rainy afternoon. My house is messy. I am booking a hotel for an upcoming trip. The kids are arguing. My brother's birthday cake is in the oven. Elsie has cake batter on her nose. Orianna just got home late from chorus practice. Justin is working downstairs and listening to a book on tape that I can hear only faintly. I need to go buy cream cheese for the peanut butter frosting. 

That, in a nutshell, is my world at this moment.

Here is an afternoon last week.

We went to the Malone Rec Park, which we very occasionally played at when little. 

The kids love it.

It has monkey bars.

After the park, we went to the library and spent a pleasant hour. Kermit the frog enjoyed it as well.  This photo is the point we descended into blueness on the camera.

Home again. Books and iPad.

And Playmobil

And Polly Pockets


Jolene Crites said...

Your afternoon sounds so very normal! I love that green frog that Elsie is sharing all her moments with. 😀

Geri Douglas said...

If everyone lived in your world, peace would rein, and every one would live happily ever after. Love the book illustrations of the girl swinging and losing her shoe. Love the real life photo of the girls swinging and the braid swinging high in the air. MMM the frosting sounds so yummy.