May 20, 2015

Spring Things

I am sitting in a messy house (reorganizing and life with kids are to blame) and I am suffering from a distinct case of I-don't-want-to. It is a cool day and I want to cozy up under some warm blankets with two kids and a lot of books and check out for the rest of the day. Why can't I? Life is so unfair. Because everyone else gets to take days off when they suffer from don't want to, right? It is just us hard working stay at home mothers that never get a day off. (Hahahaha. That was said mostly for my sister who was saying the other day that she is tired of hearing how hard life is for stay at home moms.) 

Basically, I am a lazy good for nothing. That is the take home message from this post. And if I get busy scurrying around now, I just might do the snuggle under blankets scheme this afternoon. After attempting this rendition of the Shake Shack burger for lunch. I have never heard of Shake Shack, but Clover told me to check out Smitten Kitchen for the recipe last night. And there just happened to be hamburger defrosted in my fridge, awaiting inspiration. A perfect combination of events. But I might need to run to the convenience* store for buns. 

Us stay at home moms sure have a rough time of it. 

*(Does anyone else have to say con-VEN-ience store to spell it right? Or am I the only horrible speller....? Seriously, I just figured out how to spell convenience correctly this past year. Before that, I just threw some vowels in the middle of c's, v's and n's and hoped spell check would recognize it enough to help me out. Embarrassing truth.) 

This is a maple flower. Isn't that cool? I have never seen maple flowers before. Or noticed them at least. 

This sky! One morning, there was a storm moving west and it made for a gorgeous walk. 

Ground littered with maple flowers

Construction is in full swing in the North Country. 

This tree has pink petal like things at the base of every stem, making it look like it had pink flowers. 


Apple tree. 


A hawthorn. (Just figured it out. I feel clever.) I  liked the flowers.

As you can see. 

A tiny little shrub that has currant like clusters of berries on it in the fall. Some sort of wild currant maybe? 

New ferns

This groundhog was darting around a neighbors yard eating all the dandelions. Very useful creature. 

Lily of the valley starting to open

Phlox spilling over. I love plants spilling over. 


Broken robin's egg on the sidewalk

Maple helicopter seeds

Marsh marigold

Elms and seed clusters. The seed clusters are quite elegant actually. Green flat disk, with an almost purplish band around the base. 

Cascades of apple blossom. I like flowers cascading as much as spilling.

Pussy toes

Apple blossom close up

Look how pink it is! And it opens to an almost white.

Crabapple blossoms

Wild cherry

The early bird who got the worm

Dewy hostas

Daffodils. I am not sure if I approve of non-yellow daffodils. But these are cute. 


Jolene Crites said...

I'm pretty sure that you should enlarge that close up the apple blossoms to about 3-4 feet and hang it somewhere in your house, maybe the girls' room? Beautiful!

Virginia said...

I was just going to say, frame that dewy hostas pic! And then saw Jolene said something very similar about the apple blossoms pics, so clearly you should open an Etsy shop!

Virginia said...

Also, for the record, I live w/in walking distance to both a Shake Shack and a Bobby Flay's Burger Palace AND THEIR BURGERS ARE AMAZING! Come see me and we can do a burger taste test!!