May 5, 2015

Kids in the evening

We are having a glorious warmer-than-usual spell. Up into the 80's yesterday with gusty winds and loads of sunshine. It is all too good to waste, so I planted flowers yesterday. Strictly speaking, the last date of frost is towards the end of May, but I decided to risk it. I may wake up one morning to frost blackened plants and have to do it all over again, but if they live, we will get an extra month of flowers. For whatever reason, I find it fun to gamble with boring things. I used to drive home from college (26 miles away) on empty, just to see if I could. Wait until the night before to start my 24 page paper. See if I could really get through the week with only x number of diapers. See if I can walk the three mile loop and get back to get the kids hair done in time for the bus. It is sort of like a stay-at-home-mothers version of being an adrenaline junkie. I might be diagnosed with a gambling problem, if the stakes weren't negligible. And of course, gambling with anything vaguely important makes me break out in a cold sweat. I heard that the amount of money bet on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was more than several nations gross domestic product. And since it took place the same day as the Kentucky Derby, I can only imagine that we could have made a large hole in the national debt with the amount of money on the table in America on Saturday. That sort of gambling makes me a little sick to my stomach. The agony! How could anyone be cool enough to enjoy anything after betting several tens of thousands of dollars? But give me a frost free date weeks away and a few flats of flowers and I happily gamble away. 

While not busy endangering my family's future flowers, we have been enjoying the sunshine. Reveling in the novel feeling of being too hot, after a long winter of being cold. 

Gilbert has taken to being Hoyt's instructor. Hoyt does not always appreciate the honor of being bossed around. 

Interrupting Hoyt, rubbing Penny's tummy, to tell him how to pat the dog

Running Lily

Cody's Beauty

Elsie, Hoyt, and Squirrel

This is the sort of life Hoyt has to endure. Just walking along and his father has to come along and jump over him.

Heading out to feed the calf

These two are pretty good friends

This squirrel thing is a very new obsession. Which may already be waning. But it was cute while it lasted. 

Hoyt carefully holding a Fisher Price record. You never know when you might need one.

Evening swinging

Hoyt, the optimist

Lily, flying high

I like both these pictures. Even though they aren't much different.

Hoyt got to borrow squirrel for a little moment. 

Orianna, swinging into the sunset

Evening light and maple buds 

Elsie looking up

Peering through the peephole

Hoyt in his listening pose. He points to his ear "What's that?"

Elsie finding squirrel, who had climbed the tree, courtesy of Lily


Jolene Crites said...

Lovely pictures as always. And hilarious quips such as: adrenaline junkie moms and Fisher-Price record emergencies,

Cecil and Amy said...

My two favorite pics: Owen jumping over Hoyt (just what goes through his mind anyway? Owen's that is...) and the picture of Lily and Elsie peeking out the barn window (or IN the barn window?). The photo composition (haha, listen to me) is terrific!