May 25, 2015

Memorial Day and Camera settings

Friday, I downloaded the pictures I had taken the night before to the computer, and realized I had had the camera on the wrong setting. Probably because I was carrying it around in my purse Thursday afternoon and it easily gets knocked from one setting to another. Since I understand very little about settings other than automatic, I never move the setting and therefore never check it. Anyway, I was annoyed at having a whole beautiful evening of pictures somewhat ruined. Then, after the parade this morning, I downloaded more pictures, only to realize I had never put it back to the correct setting, therefore rendering an entire weekend of pictures blue and fuzzy. I thought some very negative things about my intelligence. So forgive the blue-ish tinge. I changed the color temperature from my end, but they might look weird to every one else. Despite the blue, I am still going to foist them on you all.

Why, oh why do I do the things I do?

I weep for my lost pictures.

(Or something.)

Sunday after meeting we went to Crafts for lunch. Glorious, warm and breezy day.

This trampoline has been through a lot. I remember jumping on it when I was young. 

A blue-ish version of the river

Connie peering around the flowers to talk to mom

The outside people

There were a ton of seagulls

Elsie in the hammock. Like a sardine.

After we came home, Owen took us for a walk in the woods. I use the term walk in it's loosest sense. It was more of a hike/slog. 

In his defense, he took us on a logging trail he cut this winter, when everything was nicely frozen and there was three feet of snow on the ground. Even he wasn't expecting the level of swamp, mosquitos, and stumps we encountered. It was very character building. 

There was lot of water in my muck boots by the time we stumbled out of the woods. 

But the ferns! Oh, the ferns. I love them. 

Someone's very tall hunting stand. Not sure why it needed to be this tall, but I am sure someone had fun building it. 

Blue-eyed grass

A dry little creek.

Isn't it cool to think of owning this? Or maybe this is the neighbors. Anyway, it is still cool to think of this being so close to where I grew up and I never saw it.

Did I mention how much I love ferns? This was the great part of the hike. From here, it descended into swamp and I didn't take any pictures. At one point I tripped and fell into the muck, much to the guys hilarity. My camera luckily fell on a hummock and escaped unscathed. Owen, being a gentleman, told me to give him the camera for the rest of the walk. Because he doesn't fall down. Or get  his boot stuck. Or fill his boot with water. 

And now, today, Tori just called to tell me that she and Alex are walking the trail this morning, after biking 22 miles. Just to prove their toughness. 

Love, love, love this picture of Dad taking Gilbert and Elsie out to feed the calf. Gilbert is carefully carrying the calf milk. 

Walking to the parade

More ferns. I apologize.

Placing the wreath ceremony

Woman's Auxiliary 

Older Veteran placing the wreath

21 gun salute

The officer at the front of the parade got out to watch and stood at attention for the whole ceremony, which I thought was nice.

A woman's auxiliary pushing this little guy in the parade

Some excited kiddos

Gilbert waving

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I HATE when I mess up the color temps on my camera! Remember the blue pictures when we went on the Gordon's hayride? I adore ferns, too, love all the pictures. I want to eat the Elsie-sardine.