May 19, 2015

Ice Cream and Creek Wading

After we got back from Ottawa, we met Whites, the two Vaughan families, and Ben and Lydia for ice cream at a local ice cream place. It was the first time the Whites saw Abilene, so there was a lot of cousin excitement.

Aunt Lydia and Hoyt

Owen and the two rascals

Hoyt playing peek-a-boo with Owen's legs

Sunday afternoon, I took a meander down to the creek to see the kids wading. I love chickens in greenness. 

The chickens were leaving the creek area, realizing their Sunday afternoon calm was permanently shattered by lot of kids talking, splashing, and laughing. 

The creek. 
It isn't very big, it has a lot of leeches and mosquitoes, yet it has entertained kids endlessly for two generations now. 

Leaves and sky

Happy kids.

There is a large slab of concrete balanced on a large rock. It has been like this since we moved to the farm, 27 years ago. I never noticed, until my precious child was sitting under it, that the large rock is balanced rather precariously on a much smaller rock. (Squeak of alarm.) Maybe we should do something about that.... 

My sweet and darling Orianna girl

Enchanting little Rilla. 

Cheyenne is quite a good little baby watcher. 

Baby feet and water sparkles. Why do sparkles never sparkle as much in pictures? 

Mossy rocks

There was much moving around


Sturdy little legs and leaf dappled sunlight

It seemed easier to let Hoyt go clothes-less than to keep him from getting clothes wet.

New leaves and silos

These are the mermaids. They sang enchantingly to the pirates below, hoping to lure them to their death. They debated about being sirens or mermaids and decided on mermaids that were sirens too. Gilbert enjoyed climbing and singing, but he wasn't allowed to sit on the mermaid rock. Since he was a pirate. 


Later, Elsie sat on Justin's lap and read the Sunday comics while he talked to his sister Jocelyn. 

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