November 3, 2014

Time Change Weekend

I hate time changes. I actually like the dramatic difference it makes in the day--winter seems to start when it is getting dark at 5. Spring seems to leap forward a month or so when it is still light suddenly on the way to Wednesday night meeting. But it just messes everything up. I was finally getting into a good schedule! And now I am yawning and mixed up. My brain tells me to stay up until my normal hour of going to bed, but I am up one hour earlier than normal. So even though theoretically you can sleep in, I can't. And I can't even blame it on my kids, since we kept them up too late Friday night and so they were sleeping for an hour or so after I got up. I have never been convinced about the usefulness of Daylight Saving Time. Why does it matter what the clock says when it gets dark? I think it was Geronimo who said "Only the US Government could think it could cut a foot off one end of a blanket, sew it on the other end and somehow make the blanket longer." about Daylight Savings Time.

Oh well. This time change is easier than spring anyway, since the kids are getting up earlier than they have to and falling asleep a little earlier according to the clock.

We had a nice weekend though! A Saturday getting things accomplished, supper at Owen and Ashley's, and Union meeting and potluck on Sunday.

I KNOW I post a lot of pictures that look just like this, but they are such cute little friends. This was after the Halloween parade at school.

My new farm set for the kids! I have been wanting a wooden farm set for my kids for ages, but the ones I like best (like this one) are pretty outrageously expensive. Think $300-$400. I know they are quality, but no. I have currently commissioned a complete set of farm animals, hand carved, from my husband. This might get done for a graduation present for Elsie. Actually, he is really quick when he does carve them. But there is always something else that seems more pressing than making pigs, ducks, goats, and cows. Or at least seems more pressing to Justin. Personally, I think farm animals should be way up there on the list.  

I found this one (antique-ish) at the local garden center, which also operates a rather dusty antique shop. It was only $40 for the barn, animals, and farmer. Which is still expensive, but I have been pretty careful about money lately, so I felt okay about splurging. And, it is 1/10 as expensive as the ones I was looking at--cheap! (This is the indirect effect of looking at expensive catalogs--Things seem way cheaper suddenly because they aren't that expensive.)

Anyway, it makes me and the kids happy. 

Getting ready to set out for trick or treating. Elsie was considering relinquishing her lollipop for the picture. 

Very unsure that giving it up was the right choice. But Gilbert is thrilled with it. 


Gilbert crosses his eyes for effect.

Lily tries on a swagger

And setting off! We got a lot of candy. Way too much. I made some choc chip cookies with some of them, subbing in candy for the chips, but the rest, we brought to the Union meeting potluck and made everyone else eat it up. I am horrible about it. I eat it, knowing I will feel yucky soon. Yet I never have a problem not buying a candy bar in the store. I don't even really want to buy candy bars. Halloween Candy has a weird control over me apparently.

We took a quick walk with the kids on Sunday, which was very breezy and cold. There was a blue heron on the pond and I got zero good pictures of it, so I will make you suffer through some "Where on earth is the bird?" pictures. This one, it is to the center left behind the branches. Impressive, huh? Sort of National Geographic quality I think. 

This one is left center again. 

Kids! I don't even have to describe where they are! 

Orianna was chilly. Hahaah

Gilbert catching up

And his doggy friends. He likes the dogs, but they seem to adore him and hang around him and get in his face when he goes out, so he gets sick of them in a few minutes. 

Look! That is a bird. A blue Heron. 

Turning around. Lily didn't bring a warm jacket, so I gave her Justin's to wear, since he was in the house. She looks like some form of a midget here. A red legged midget.

I like these kids.

Sweet Katherine thought Elsie might be cold, so she zipped off her hood and gave it to Elsie. Anyway, I find Elsie with a big hood hilarious. It probably isn't that funny, I just think it is. 

The sugar shack in fall

The talking inside

Talk-y talk! I love these people!

Some awesome women! 
(And a Nate, getting an illicit cookie in the background.) 

Dave and Rachel


Cecil and Amy said...

Loved to see my Momma! And seeing Nate in the background sneaking a cookie(s) made it even better!

Geri Douglas said...

Connie Parker never ages, I must ask her what her secret is. I had to laugh at the cute midget with the red legs and the big red hat on Elsie. thanks for the wonderful post. Always look forward to seeing what treat you will give me.