November 17, 2014

Snowy morning

We woke to our first good covering of snow this morning. The light inside the house is different when there is snow outside. The snow reflects so much more light. I remember someone in Alaska talking about winter in the south, how dark it was. He said that at least Alaska had snow, which lightened the dark. The south had nothing. Just darkness.

We have officially lightened our darkness.

And now, it is snowing lovely big flakes in a hurried, impatient way. Our first snowstorm. I feel the joy that only the unaffected, stay at home people can feel for snow. I can admire the beauty and magical changingness of snow without the inconveniences that other people have to deal with.

We took a quick drive to drop a few things off to Justin and took the long way home to see everything in the snow. (I realize everyone in the USA has already had snow and are probably bored with it, but I love the first snow, so I have to take pictures anyway.)

First Gilbert snow prints of the season

Elsie June

Running around to make footprints

Snowy Pines



Snowflakes and the woods

A maple stump and spruce

Neighbor's snowy bales



Geri Douglas said...

I like a snowy landscape too. I call the big round bales with snow on them "frosted shredded wheat" love the pics

Virginia said...

Beautiful! Phila has yet to get snow, so I'll live vicariously through your pics.