November 20, 2014

Still More Colorado pictures

Guess what? Only one more week to go and I will be done Colorado pictures! I know to people uninvolved, these are probably boring, but I took about umpteenmllion (give or take a few squillion) pictures, and these were the ones I just loved. So I did try to reduce the number for your viewing pleasure. Just be sure to understand that these pictures and people are rather delightful to me.  

We got stuck in a cattle drive on the way to meeting Sunday. Seriously. 

Cousins hanging out

Evening light in the rosebushes and boys


Grandpa and Grandma leaving

Making plans

Elsie and baby having a rest

Wet kids

Silly Gilbert and Brylan

Elsie enjoying her tiny muddle puddle to the very best of her abilities

Poppa and the kids having their after-meeting popsicles Wednesday night

Lily the tree monkey

Brylan and Lily
These two were great pals. Not surprising, since they are only 2 and a half months apart.

Justin wow-ing Aislyn with his rope twirling abilities

Elsie and a snakeskin

Jerad helping Aislyn rope

Roping girl!

Pregnant Jocelyn

Evening sky and mountains

Roping competition 

Lily and Brylan up to something

Mandy, Loy, and Reba

All the Cotten cousins. Jocelyn has since added another cousin to this mix, though.

Justin and Jerad

Kids at the Fourth of July parade in Paonia

One of Justin's good friends, Nate

Little cowgirl

A tractor from 1916, steam driven

Paonia has their Cherry Days festival right around Fourth of July, so it is a combination celebration

Smokey the Bear

Fair food

Those Pearson girls

My sweet baby

The kids made a Happy Fourth of July sign

Hanging out after the parade

Justin carving a replacement die so the kids could play their Pet-opoly game

It wouldn't have flown in Las Vegas, since it was a little weighted towards some numbers, but it worked!

Grandpa and Grandma

Love this picture!

Hanging out

Lily and Brylan enthusiastically getting into the RC car

Rissy-roo trying out the die Justin made

Mick and Grandma

Miles and Riss

Mandy and Loy

Playing their pet-opoly

Grandma and Jocelyn

Elsie trying on Grandma's slippers. Grandma wears a size 4, so the little kids like to try her shoes on!


Grandpa and his girls

Those Cotten singers

Miles showing Grandma a fish he caught. (I think!)

Mick and Dawna

Geoff being mauled

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Jolene Crites said...

Again - lovely pics of what looks like a fantastic time! I love those trombone playing clowns - ha! Even some people I know from here! It took me a while to realize that Jocelyn is connected to you guys - ;) We were in the same field before they moved.