November 18, 2014

Our weekend

We had another quiet, stay at home weekend. I know, we are boring! But in my secret soul, I relish the boring. Don't tell anyone.

We had some snow flurries that amounted to nothing more that delight that it was snowing!!

Saturday morning, the kids took over the kitchen and filled it with things. Here is Elsie, our clothes escapist rearranging her whiteboard. 

The table became a tent/house/store/school.

We did some family pictures on Sunday. I am sitting up way too straight, so Justin looks about 6 inches shorter than me. 

Then after meeting, Tori took some pictures

Some one push that poor boys glasses up! 

Sunday afternoon trip to see the cows

Tori cuddling a Gilbert boy

Owen is weaning the calves, so the mommas were close by. All of them mooing loudly.

The calves

Love Elsie in this one. And this is Owen telling me not to take a picture of him.

The big black and white one in the front here is the rockstar calf, weighing in at 837 pounds, which makes Owen get a goofy, quite pleased with himself grin. 

Hoyt and Lily sitting on the hay feeder

Lily jumping on the hay. 

Cute kids

Standing around while Owen checks out his babies

A white park

Chasing cows

The longest living Vaughan cat ever. 

A wagon load of wood


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Yeah, the Tori pictures were way more successful. What cute kidlets you have, and how fun to go commune with the cows!

Virginia said...

I thoroughly enjoy the family pics. You guys are too cute.