November 5, 2014

The weirdness of Anthropologie

(A side note--A few years ago, the kids grandparents in Colorado sent them some recordable story books--the ones where they record themselves reading each page, so it is like they are reading to the kids. They are pretty cool. Especially for far away grandparents! We keep them in the living room for easy access and lately, Papa and Grandma Dawna have randomly started reading to us at different times. They are light activated, so whenever the sunlight strikes them just so, they start reading. On mornings like today, where the sun is playing peek a boo with the clouds, we hear a lot from Papa and Grandma Dawna. It is quite fun.)

"And Grandpa Cotten loves you all the way from Colorado." My kids love that line. With good reason.

This weekend, Anthropologie had a sale on sale things. (I love sales on sale!) I always think I love Anthropologie, but I don't. I realize this is a shameful admission. And I don't know if they have gotten weirder or I have gotten more boring. (Probably the latter.) Either way, I just don't find them as fun as they once were.Somethings are still cool, but very few make me squeak, which is the definitive measure of awesomeness. And in the sale section, I found these. 

(To be fair to American society, they were in the sale section, meaning people weren't buying them like Anthropologie expected.) 

Okay, well first is a chair I actually like, called Orianna. I think I need it. Since it is called Orianna and all.



For only $700, we bring you... well it seemed like a good idea at the time, but... 

At least that could be potentially useful, unlike the next few things. 

I am really, really not sure about these. But for only $515 (originally $980) You could have something to display that no one else would even want to display. 


This one is only $1500, which is quite the bargain when you realize that if you are really cold some day, and were feeling a bit animal-y, you could actually wear this as a hat too. Versatile! 

The deconstructed Sofa. Not having upholstery saves you a bundle, since this is only $2500, down from $5000. Which is more expensive than their leather sofas.

We had a few odd bit sitting around the workshop and thought we would use them, just to tie up some loose ends. $129 down from $350. 

Ascension lamp made from old chair legs and backs. $1399. I kid you not. 

A Rip tide wonky pot. $699. I feel like I should take up pottery/sculpture. I feel pretty confident that I could come up with an even wonkier pot that would demand an even higher price tag. 

A very incomprehensible rug. A perpetual bewilderment, for only $3499. 

And the crowning touch, a ping pong table in the shape of Easter Island (Why not!) for $4000, 60% off of the original $12,000.


laura said...

Oh help! I feel as bewildered as I do in a contemporary art museum...I just don't understand the allure...

Cecil and Amy said...

These things are terrible!

Jolene Crites said...

hahahaha! These are hilarious!! Are we a country of excess or are we not a country of excess!?!

Virginia said...

A fool and his money are soon parted. And I'm directing this comment to the weirdos that would actually buy this stuff!