November 10, 2014

The inhumane treatment of goldfish

We added four goldfish to our family this weekend. Since we already had a goldfish bowl, pebbles, and a little tree thing, we only had to buy the goldfish (38 cents a piece at Wal-mart) and some goldfish food.

The kids are thrilled with them.

This morning, the water was cloudy and I decided to change it. After doing this, I decided to look up care of goldfish and found out that we are actually horrible people. We should have at least a 10 gallon tank with aerator, proper chemicals, no improper chemicals (bad tap water!), and a balance of good bacteria. According to Amazon, the basic get-up is $87. Apparently goldfish bowls are actually illegal in some countries. So we are illicit and horrible. The goldfish guy at Wal-mart (who was stocking personal care items when I dragged him away to get fish--something tells me he might not be a fish expert.) told me we could do four fish in a bowl, so we got four. We now have four little goldfish, all doomed to be miserable, stunted, bored, and die early deaths.


 Since they will soon be miserable and dead, I decided to take some quick pictures. The current names are Mr. Wiggly, Miss Silver, Clementine, and Butterfly, subject to change at a moment's notice.


Mr. Wiggly (I think) and Miss Silver's back.

Miss Silver

Butterfly is the littlest one.


Jolene Crites said...

haha! Oh no! Well, good call taking beautiful pictures of them. You can print them out really big and put them on the kids' walls after the fish meet their pre-destined demise. :)

Geri Douglas said...

ha. I remember some of the friends asked me to take care of their gold fish while they went on vacation. They brought over this huge tank with I don't remember how many gold fish. I decided to surprise them with clean water and filled with ( yeah bad tap water) Soon they were all floating upside down, and I had to give them a burial in the toilet bowl. Wah. I was petrified to tell them when they came back to get, silver, peebles and all the other gold fish.

Virginia said...

But those colors are so bright and lovely that I'm sure their short lives will be cheery! ;-)