November 12, 2014

This and that

The girls are off to school again after our four day weekend. Our school shares some employees with the local reservation's school, so we get Native American Day off, which is the day before Veteran's Day. It was a quiet weekend, but nice!  Since we don't have any amazing pictures of what we did this weekend, here is a mish-mash of pictures from the past week or two!

Elsie has discovered scissors. 

Her masterpieces. My floor looked like a ticker tape parade route.

A good day--a cozy blanket in a comfy chair with a stack of Mickey and Donald comics

Geese and depressing November grasses and woods.

The Brushton dam

Some geese fighting. I love this picture! Except it is pixel-y.

I would just like to say that the new camera I got this summer is not impressing me. I don't know what it is, but when I am zoomed in, things get pixel-y. Like it is an optical zoom. Since it is an SLR, it shouldn't have any kind of optical zoom. I wonder if there is something, like image stabilization, that makes the picture go funny. This camera is 6 higher megapixels than my last camera, but the pictures are lower quality. Confusing... 

Leafy water

Elsie and Gilbert and the geese

Foreboding skies

Two bad eggs! Hoyt is a slippery little fellow. He is up on the table pretty quickly! I normally buckle him in a booster seat, but this day, I just set him on the chair to eat his toast. Two seconds later, he was on the table. I guess the booster seat isn't ready for retirement yet. 

The Bregg kids were over Saturday afternoon. They saw the first flurries of snow outside, so ran outside to glory in the snow, ignoring coats and hats. So they came in and bundled into blankets while doing something iPad-ish. It makes me happy that they are good pals!

The kids have been dying to make cookies for awhile now, but there was always something else that needed doing. Yesterday, we finally made cookies. The girls had the neighbor girl over, and they did the chocolate chip cookies all by themselves. With a few judicious tips from me. 

Elsie and Gilbert and I made peanut butter cookies

Elsie did not see why she shouldn't pinch them to roll them in sugar.

Gilbert was the hatch mark maker

Gilbert and Lily were enjoying colored chalk, and Elsie was busy coloring her notebook under the bench. 

These little books by Lois Lenski, one for each season, are Elsie's very favorite books. She brings them everywhere with her. If she doesn't have one, she asks "Where's my book?" and encourages me to go look for it. Since she carries them everywhere, finding them is not always an easy task. But I love that she loves books!


Jolene Crites said...

Good to encourage cookie making...

Geri Douglas said...

neat neat neat, that is for the last three blogs, love them all

Olivia Vaughan said...

Oh my word I LOVE your children!

Virginia said...

Ooo! Breggs make the cut! I love those good pals, too!