January 4, 2013


1. A great holiday with all my siblings and others. We had fun.

2. Regular life. Well sort of regular. Lindsey and Cody are still here, but getting back to regular life and that makes me happy. And I realized that means I like my regular life. Such a good thing to know.

3. Standing inside on a cold, blowy January morning, watching the snow fall and eating a really good orange. I am glad to live in the age of good insulation and great transportation of oranges from Florida.

4. JoAnna Rita is heading this direction. Yoohoo!

5. Gilbert is listening to some tapes my cousin sent. This particular one is one we had when we were kids and he is dancing in our clean living room and coming to tell me every time a song starts "I LIKE this song!" The whole thing makes me happy.

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