January 25, 2013

Happy! ... oh nevermind

Alrighty, I should have done my list before the sun hid behind a cloud, before I had to argue with my computer (and lost!) about playing downloadable audio books from our library, before the kids started arguing over silly things. 

Pretty much, I am sitting in my warm house on this cold day with a tummy full of an orange (I really like oranges) and a (momentary) quiet houseful of kids and am finding it hard to make a list of things I am happy about. There is no excuse for me. I am a whiny rich kid. Except I am not rich or a kid. Just whiny. 

But Justin is coming home. 

Lily is sitting in her cardboard house talking happily to herself.

Our new-ish wall clock is chiming.

Orianna is sitting on the sofa reading a book with her bag packed to go to Livie and Tori's for a sleepover tonight.
Gilbert has been helping me all day--vacuuming, picking up fridge magnets, pulling things out of the dishwasher.

And Elsie had her first ever pony tail today.

These pictures are giant. I have no idea why. But she is cute even in giant size. 

And now, I think I will go have a little attitude readjustmet--namely go into my very cold uninsulated walk in closet and fold clothes in the freezing, can-see-your-breath temperature so that when I come back into my warm house, I can find true happiness. 


Cecil and Amy said...

Isn't it weird that when life is perfect on paper that we can still have the blues? Hopefully the cold closet gave you what you needed! (oh my goodness, you weren't coming out of the closet were you?! :-)

laura said...

Hey Bet- did you get my email?

Rebekah said...

Super sweet little ponytail!!

Rebekah said...

Super sweet little ponytail!!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Edible ponytail baby! I cannot wait to squeeze that little squirt!