January 17, 2013

Thought of the day

the volume roll of sticky viscosity can be very beautiful

I just was looking on pinterest and found a cute little flower hair clip made out of rickrack trim. I went to the page, which was in Chinese, hit translate, and this deep thought was at the end of it. I am assuming it is talking about the beautiful cheapness of a large tube of glue. It really isn't that funny, since it is just a wonky translation, but I am getting a good laugh out of it. 

It is just a good day in general though! Sunshine on fresh snow. A fairly good nights rest last night after introducing Elsie to do-it-yourself sweet potato eating. She refused to eat. Tightened her lips, turned away, and if I managed to get anything in her mouth, gagging and choking. She has been nursing a LOT as a result. Through out the night. Not very restful. So I finally gave her the spoon. And voila! She loves eating.

Yes, I am that mother, posting pictures of my kids wearing a lot of food. 

I can't help it. She is cute.

What chubbiness!

 She sat through meeting cooing and quiet, never having to be taken out once and then sleeping pretty well. Oh joy of joys!

Last night, on the way home from meeting, as happens occasionally when the girls are too tired, they started a list of all my badness. Their life is NEVER fun. Apparently it hasn't been fun since we moved away from Wilmington where there were good sandwiches and ice cream. And I NEVER let them eat ice cream. I always say they have to eat lunch or supper first and sometimes (in a tone of horror!) they don't even LIKE the lunch or supper! AND to top it all off, we have lollipops in the cabinets that I don't let them eat. They are going to get moldy and then they can never eat them. AND they never get to get books out of the library anymore (I do this when they are in school.) And Elsie agreed with them, hollering about her unsatisfactory situation in life. I think they might unionize against me.

I was tired too, so this made me laugh a lot. I did it silently though. The poor things were so terribly serious. And they had had a disappointment--a trip to see Daddy in Saratoga was postponed. (After Orianna even wrote about it her journal at school. She HAS to go! Sob!) Poor babies! So I promised them that this weekend, Daddy will take them for ice cream mid-morning, then they can have pizza for lunch, a lollipop after, a trip to the library, and then the grocery store where there are mini carts for them to push around. 

Excited giggles and happiness. Lily says, conversationally to Orianna "I have tears left over from crying in my eyes. But I am not crying." 

Life is good, when a trip to Malone and a bit of junk food can make everything right again! 

Apparently I am that mother too, who lets her kids eat too much junk food and gives into their whims. 

Throughout this conversation in the van last night, Gilbert was singing "Oh my darlin, oh my darlin" oblivious to the angst in the back seat. 

I really like my kids. Occasional whines and all!

Here are a few pictures of recent happenings. First off, dinner at Owen and Ashley's with Amy P and JoAnna D. Funness!

Uncle Cody and kids

Owen and Ashley's new table. Love it!

Such a Vaughan meal--lots of people and at least 2 gallons of milk on the table

Aunt Ashley and the kids

The girls come home from school and go into their cardboard house. There is so little room in there. But everyone needs a "place" I guess. 

Cute girls

Meanwhile, Elsie and Gilbert were waking up from their after bath nap. They are such friends!

Lily's family portrait of us

Elsie this morning in her Wednesday night meeting outfit (Fiona dress!) and sunshine.

Sunshine looks so good on her 

He is such a sweet brother!

And now, I am off to enjoy our sunshine-y day! 


Rebekah said...

Always love your take on life!! Fabulous! Don'tcha' love it when kids point all your failures LOL! Life is SO hard!! I love the "tears left over"...you need to start a quote book...although jotting them down here is preserving them just fine! :)

Fiona said...

I'm not far from Saratoga! So if that trip ever does get rescheduled, let me know--I'd love to say hi! Oh, and this goes without saying, but your kids are cute. I can just picture Lily saying that about the tears.

The McCoys said...

So sweet! Of course you're a good mom :)Love the photos... and I was with Fiona when she picked out that dress - so cute!

Cecil and Amy said...

This is hilarious! Cecil and I hope that you remember this to show to them when THEY are just horrible terrible mommies! (hmmm, what is plural of mommy?) I think you are just a fine mommy, thankyouverymuch!