January 18, 2013


Happy thoughts

1. My biggest problem this morning was that Gilbert wet the bed and I had to take the kids out in the below zero weather because we didn't catch the bus this morning. I just got off the phone, with Lindsey, who is frantically trying to finish a project at work, hardly slept last night for working on it, still isn't over the flu, might have to postpone a trip, and just generally has an incredibly stressful day ahead of her. There is a $5,000 fine if her project isn't handed in at 3:30 sharp. Not of course for her to pay, but her company. There is a little pressure. Eek! Somehow doing a load of sheets seems minimal.

2. Justin is coming home tonight.

3. Another day of beautiful sunshine

4. I have dark chocolate. 90% and 86%. I am really into them with a spoonful of Natural PB. Bliss!

5. We have a fun day planned for tomorrow in which we will eat ice cream before lunch. Among other fun things, including the library.

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Mmm, dark chocolate and peanut butter! Will have to try that sometime...if not now, then after baby is born!! Thinking of you today and wishing all the happiness it can bring from ice-cream to pizza to whatever!!! :)