January 23, 2013

Gingerbread Fun (or Madness)

I am using pictures from My camera AND Clover's, so the pictures won't be in total order. Embrace the imperfection. I like to mask my laziness in not wanting to sort out the pictures as a virtue you should have. 

Evan definitely looks slightly bonkers here. Building the barn out of cardboard to help support the gingerbread and to give them templates to cut the gingerbread out. 

Yeah, they are construction workers. 

Gingerbread, all baked


Oh yes. 
The molasses icing trail was the most popular part of eating it.
Dad said it looked like a manure slick and the EPA would definitely be contacting him about it going right to the creek. 
And Pepsi was consumed in the making of this barn.

It really is quite clever

The hay elevator with peanut butter ribbon candy

A tractor with a tire off and a battery cable hooked to it

Silo with pigeons on top

Two dogs, not a good picture of them. The two smudges, are actually dogs.


Scheming. And finishing the Candy Kraft ribbon candy.

And then, they started getting creative.

Then they baked some gingerbread for the kids to make a house out of

Gumdrops. What perfect gingerbread house candies they are.

Admiring the gingerbread house

Not allowed to touch? What is the fun in that?

A close up of the pigeons on the silo. Crazy, mad skills.

Then, once the Oregon Vaughans got here, the gingerbread house was destroyed and eaten. It was fun.

A happy houseful of Vaughans!

And then Sunday, after the Barkley's got to admire the barn, it got eaten too. 

A bit chaotic

But fun!

The remainders. 

It was fun while it lasted. The guys were very firm that their barn had to be eaten before it got stale. So it only hung around for... 2 days I think it was.

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laura said...

So impressed! I loved the little pigeons - and the hay elevator!!