January 23, 2013

Christmas pictures

I am going to start posting Christmas pictures. I was going to be timely and do a post of this past weekend, but as luck would have it, my little camera is stubbornly refusing to be friends and share things with the computer. My hard drive is much more cooperative. So here they are. Christmas.

I didn't take pictures until evening, since I had left my camera at home for most of the day. This is coming in after feeding cows. Lily is cold. 

Excitement of COWS!

Connie, keeping an eye on Elsie

Pink cheeked Orianna. Dad called her hair thing a fruit basket.  

Pink cheeked Gilbert

Lily getting a Grandma snuggle


Winter sunset

The way light falls into the living room in the winter. It doesn't fall in the same place any other time of the year.

Ashley and Gilbert on their computers. 


Lucille giving knitting lessons

Cuddled up in Grandpa's chair

Liv Tess

He is so proud to be a big brother

Dad and Elsie

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