September 9, 2011

Things that make me happy

It has been a good week here in Lake Wobegone.... Also here in Moira. The great Orianna/school experiment seems to be going well. Justin is taking the kids camping tonight with the D Barkley Jr's, Cody and Anthony stopped in for a visit, and the week started with the tail end of the pig roast get-together. Hard to beat!

Here are some less important things that made me happy this week.

I discovered Matilda Jane clothing. This is not something that is going to change the girls wardrobe, since dresses are priced around $50-$60, but it is nice to know pretty, funky dresses and skirts are out there.

How the same company that made these fun dressess could think up such atrocious things as ruffle pants is beyond me. I hope no on loves these and I have just ruined your enjoyment of them. If you want to tromp around looking like a Cyldesdale or Belgian, your business. Heigh-ho!

We went to the library yesterday, which is the first time in a month or two. Our overdue fines were steep, even though our library only charges a penny a day. I look at them as donations to the library. I could probably write them off on our taxes as donations to charity and put us in a lower tax bracket. They are that high.

I love the library. Particularly ours. It is this large stone building with marble steps and Grecian columns. Malone is obviously slightly pretentious. When you walk in, to either side of you are huge reading rooms with gigantic fire places, over-sized leather chairs, and lovely big tables. It has that full-of-books smell that is so necessary in a library.

Some pictures from this morning--I love these kids.

Watching Daddy's coffee come out

A kids table umbrella from IKEA that seemed brilliant at $10. Our kids table doesn't have a spot to put umbrellas, so I finally decided to let the kids use it as a tent.

Gilbert was trying to get away. 

This story was on Yahoo. This drunken moose got tangled up in an apple tree and had to be rescued by the fire brigade. Intersting factoids, moose are called elk in Sweden, moose often get drunk in the fall from fermenting apples, and this mans neighbor laughs like a moose bellowing. Or so it seems. A quote....

And from what Johansson could gather, this particular animal had been on a day-long bender.

“My neighbour recognised it as the animal that almost ran into her car earlier in the day. She was pretty sure the elk was already under the influence,“ said Johansson.

Drunken elk rescued from Swede's apple tree

It looks slightly dead, but no, just drunk. And perambulating on the road while drunk. Someone arrest this moose. 

And last, but not least, our fall LL Bean catalog came. Sometimes I pretend to myself that I am slightly avant garde and hip. And then our fall LL Bean catalog comes and all those suburban, New England feelings I have been harboring come to the surface. I blame it on the cooler weather. 

Obviously everyone needs a wool rug in winter. 

And totes! Made in Maine! In pink, orange, purple, and green! Exclamation points!

And rainboots. PLAID rainboots that you can't see because of the flash.

And just to drive home how deep these suburban, New England tendencies run, I will point out that I like this nightgown. There, I said it. I admit to being a dork. But a comfortable dork. Or at least I would be if I got this nightgown. I am pretty sure you are NOT supposed to like this nightgown in your 20's. You are probably supposed to roll your eyes at in in your 20s. But there it is. 

Love the Fair Isle, floral look! In the back there.

And I NEED A FLANNEL SHIRT. Pink maybe. 


Rebekah said...

You! Love to read of your dreams!! I, too, love going to the library. Ours doesn't have the same appeal as yours, but it's still full of books. There is a library nearby that has those large comfy chairs and a fire. I go there once in awhile. During Sept. our library takes canned food for fines. So you could have lugged in a cart full of food!! I can just see it.

laura said...

Somehow, at the age of 28, I am gaining back my reading "skills" that I apparently lost while in college (you know, being forced to read volumes of things I wasn't completely interested in can completely sap you of your love for the written word...). Anyhow, I went to the library for the first time in a LONG time the other day! Yours sounds much more comfy! Can't wait to hear what you're all reading! (:

Apparently I like exclamation points too!!!

Verity Earl said...

I saw that silly drunken moose too! He does look a bit dead, eh? Ah, well. I love plaid flannel too. Somehow you always get your catalogs right before I do! So hopefully the L.L. Bean one is on the way. Though I did get one yesterday, but not the one you go. Hmm.... suspicious.

Also, I think a lot of libraries are marble-stepped and fire-placey. At least several in Pgh and the one in Norfolk was too. So Moira's not alone in it's pretentiousness. :)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Someday I look forward to actually being able to sink into one of those cozy library chairs, instead of spending the time stopping Lincoln for clearing shelves and helping Cheyenne find the ONLY Geronimo Stilton not in the library and stopping Rilla from filling the library bag up with 37 Barney books... but I still like going to the library, even if it's not a relaxing trip. Fines are $.20 a day here, you would be homeless soon at that rate.