September 1, 2011

In my own backyard

It is September. September 2011. I think it should be about June of 2008. Obviously my mind is a lot behind times. I will just say, cliche or not. Time flies! Summer is almost over....  I am not completely sad about this, as I am looking forward to having a bit more of a schedule. Not having to mow the lawn.. Weed the garden, think about what to do with 30 lbs of tomatoes, whether to feel guilty about crab grass in my flower beds or not, as well as my poor woebegotten window boxes. And these are all things that I will pine for in February. There is a reason seasons change. I am almost always looking forward to the next one. And then missing the seasons that aren't now. 

Here are a lot of end of summer pictures from our backyard. 

Indian paintbrush

Purple loosestrife. This is an invasive species, so I am not supposed to love it. But I do. And I figure if it is this beautiful, do I really mind if it taking a few square feet from the cattails? I don't. I am contemplating planting some in my flower bed. They bloom for almost a month. 

I forget what the name of this plant is, but I know we used to rub it on cuts and bruises while running around the farm with the Douglas kids. Whether this was because it actually helped or we just liked the idea of being like Indians and rubbing plants on us is up for debate. 

Isn't it odd? Fabulously odd.

 Milkweed pods. 

Changing color.

Roses are still blooming

This was a wonderfully yummy lunch. 

Our corn.

I cut it off the cob before I blanched it. It seemed easier. I can't imagine it could make a difference. Mom and Dad told me there is a REASON people do the things they do. Andrea C told Justin that that is NOT the way Ralph did it. But she looked it up in her garden encyclopedia and apparently you can do it either way. And this way is easier I think. No hot cobs or 15 pots of boiling water. We will have to see if it keeps as well in the freezer. 


Verity Earl said...

Nice lookin' corn you got there. :)

And you must be in a time zone an hour ahead of me because it's only 11:02 pm, August, 2011 here!

Bethaney said...

I know it! That New York time warp. It posted weird.

Virginia said...

The environmentalist in me keeps reading the title of this blog as "Not In My Backyard". Anywho, I love the north country pictures. And the food pictures. 2 of my favorite things

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Beautiful pictures, as per usual. And I am very interested in how your uncobbed corn turns out.