September 15, 2011


Have you ever heard of Groupon? They are a daily deal site, one great discount a day sort of thing. Good stuff generally. About 5 months ago, I bought a groupon for $75 worth of Picaboo photo books. (I imagine that is pronounced peek-a-boo, not pick a boo, which would be more ghost store-ish.) This groupon expires today. And I've got nothin'. Which means I will spend today sitting on the floor (so I can attach my notebook to the larger old school monitor, since photo book sites do not format their screens for a 10 inch display) trying to get my photo book done. This will involve trying to make my kids self-sufficient for the day (ha!), pretending I have no housework, and generally working myself into a frantic, world-ignoring state before I finally submit a photo book at 11:58 tonight. I will probably pity myself too for having to try to deal with life and children when I am procrastinating for crying out loud!

Pity Justin. And my children.

And now I must organize my thoughts and pictures on 2008, which is what the photo book will be. I haven't done an actual photo album since 2006. And that was the first time since 2004. We have these blank periods in our history. Thanks to deals and groupons, I have already done 2010 and 2009, as well as our wedding (only 8 years after the fact) and our roadtrip last summer. I like photo books.

But first I need to go wipe lucky charms off the floor and take the golf club away from Gilbert who is doing his level best to break the oven door window.

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