September 26, 2011

Random. Or Rad, mon!

Did you know that there is a photo quota on blogger? I didn't. Until I tired uploading pictures and was told I was using 99.99 percent of my usage. I should have re-sized my extraordinarily large pictures. If only I had known. Clover, who has been blogging for four years is using less than I, with 4 times the amount of pictures because she sensibly resized her photos before posting them. Sensible is not a word that is generally applied to me. Now I am probably going to be paying Google for 20GB storage space so I can continue uploading pictures. This bugs me. Of course, it shouldn't. After all, I AM using space on blogger. It is sort of like all the people getting worked up about Facebook changes. Someone posted an e-card that said "I'm appalled that the free service I am in no way obligated to use, keeps making changes that mildly inconvenience me." I am pretty much in the same boat. How can I get really irritated when I am using something free? Well I shouldn't, but I sort of do. I could discuss today's entitlement society, but that always make me feel somewhat self-righteous, so I won't.

Just to make sure I am not feeling self-righteous, I will give you an update on my self-improvement. So far, my lack of initiative and motivation has trumped self-improvement plans. Mostly. My house has seen definite improvement in organization and I have remodeled it quite a bit. ( I will have to put pictures up when I actually get around to paying google money) All of which has made me feel actually grown up. I have been better about having supper going when Justin gets home. Saving money has been a non-starter. As has losing weight. The more I think about it, the more I realize that money and weight are pretty closely linked. I never buy anything extravagant (I tend toward thrift stores, clearance racks, and drugstore deals, not Loius Vuitton ) but most of what I buy is excessive, even if it is a good deal. I don't have the worst diet in the world, but I eat more than I need to. And when I get depressed in my inability to overcome the one, I do the other.  Is there a weight-and-wallet watchers out there? I need one. Still, there have been some improvements and I definitely have realized my fault lines in the past two weeks. Sigh. If only self improvement were a lot easier.

This past weekend was Dad's 60th birthday. Owen decided that old men need companionship, so bought Dad a border collie puppy. A sweet black and white bundle of wiggly-ness. The kids are in love. They spent most of yesterday walking the puppy, playing with the puppy, and mothering the puppy half to death. Dad was given the honor of naming the puppy and he was just coming up blank. Then we got a call that Penelope Kate Douglas had been born that same day and Dad remembered that his first ever puppy was called Penny. It seemed fitting. So the puppy is Penny.

Orianna lost her fist tooth Saturday night. We went to the dentist on Wednesday, a first for both girls. They were told they had beautiful teeth and that Orianna had a slightly loose tooth on the bottom. This was the first I had heard about the loose tooth, but by Saturday it was a pressing concern, with Orianna crying about it hurting and saying she was only capable of eating ice cream and grape juice. Riiiiight. After a day of this, Justin got a tissue to see if it was pullable at all and out it came! She was perfectly thrilled. She was skeptical of the tooth fairy's motives in wanting her tooth, so we ruined any childish fancy by telling her it was us and that we promised to NOT throw her tooth away. She was okay with that and consented to putting her tooth under her pillow. She got 50 cents, which happened to be the change in my pocket. We are terribly utilitarian parents.

And now, I need to go figure out how to pay google and also, how to improve myself at as little inconvenience to myself as possible. (Does anyone else misspell inconvenience every time? When I right click, it suggests incontinent and inconceivable. Hmm...Maybe self improvement is more inconceivable than inconvenient.....)


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

At least you're not incontinent, as of yet. Cheyenne has completely debunked the tooth fairy myth, she told me the other day that "You and Daddy just throw my tooth out and give me money." Yup. I'm about to shell money out to Google, too, although I uploaded 101 pictures last night and it blinked not an eye. Maybe they just like me more. Hey, get Livie over to your place to upload a picture of Penny. We are anxious to see her. And anxious to see picture of FOUR YEAR OLDS! So pay that money on the double.

Virginia said...

Remember our border collie, Nip? He was a real handful, but definitely a good companion for a gaggle of enthusiastic dog lovers. I think Owen should feel free to give me a border collie for a present in a couple weeks. Just sayin'. And Hayden will be so jealous to hear Orianna lost a tooth. He's had a wiggly tooth for months now, but it won't come out. The adult tooth has come in behind it b/c adult teeth are too impatient for little baby teeth that like to take their time. Mary was saying they may have to take him to the dentist to have him pull it if it doesn't come out soon on it's own fruition. Darn tooth! And I knew there was a reason I wasn't posting pics! I just had to pay for Skype last night so we could do a group skype. I tell ya, the nerve of these businesses wanting to make money!

Sheena said...

Penelope Kate is honored to have a little Border Collie named after her! I'm sure the dog is not quite as cute as Penelope, but with a name like Penny she has got to have potential. Happy Birthday to Lee.