September 20, 2011

Pig Roast pictures

Alrighty. I am tired of thinking "I need to put up pig roast pictures." So without further ado....

How weird that I think I HAVE to put up pig roast pictures. Like someone is following me around saying "You have not blogged about ______ yet." Laura, Clover, and I think Olivia have already done enough Pig Roast pictures. But I would like to stake out my own little million-pictures-of-one-weekend corner, so just TRY to stop me.

I just went to Olivia's blog to get her url to link to up there and I saw this picture...

LOVE it! What a pig. Livia has some cool pictures. Check them out.

Well I am glad that there was no further ado there because that would have been excessive.

The first happening on Saturday morning (for ME anyway) was Owen's motorcycle fell over. No, this isn't headline news in anyway, I just thought it was funny.

Then Dale and Clover picked it up because they are nice

The smoker, doing it's thing

The guys doing their corn shucking thing

JoAnna and I walked up to the baseball game and Rilla came flying down the lane to see us.

I love this picture

The kids with their picnic of water
Baseball. I love how Fiona is just standing their pointing. :-)
Owen hitting a homer

 It was too much from Bronson

 Alex and Lily

 Austin and Cheyenne

 Tim helping Cheynne hit a ball

 Wild grapes. Or you could just call them nasty-sour grapes

 Fiona laughing

  Elliott at bat

 Getting on the truck for the ride back down

 All aboard

 Setting up volleyball

 This volleyball set up was not wimpy. 

 Linda reading Corduroy

 Gilbert enjoying the ball sprinkler

 The meat pulling crew. The cowboy in the middle is the guy that owns the roaster
 Katharine and Elliott. Definitely goes in the embarrass them when they are older file

 The spread

 The main attraction. Yum!

 One hundred ears of corn, ultra awesome corn.

 Lucy's fruit salad

 Penny's out of this world salad

 Andrea's deviled eggs and I can't remember if that is Wendy's Canadian coleslaw or something completely different

 A salad Ginger made--pure summer in a bowl.

  Linda's salad--how could you go wrong with a tangy dressing, onions, and tomatoes? You can't. 

 Clover's coleslaw--you can't have pulled pork without coleslaw!

 They played rotational volleyball. A lot.

 Katharine, Chris, and Wendy

 Dad doing bubbles with Gilbert

 Laura, Katharine, and Dale. Apparently Katharine liked being in couple pictures

 Settling a discussion about hymns from the old hymbook

 The mud puddle was the kids paradise this day. If only I could get this excited about mud... Life would be more exciting.

 Bottling a little fresh Full Circle Farm mud

 The kids thought filling this baby carriage with mud was BRILLLLiant. 

 Everyone needs a tub of mud

 David and Rachel being chill with Coyote

 Just in case you missed it, the kids spent a LOT of time in this mud puddle

 Gilbert conked out while Mom and Laura discussed life

 A sunlit Lincoln

 Penny looks a little unsure about Victor here. Or the sunlight... :-)

 After meeting. Dave swinging the ginger as he called Nate, while Elliott rang those bells and Lily started at the leaves

 Elliott tries to make sure Coyote does not make contact with any part of him

 The guys. And Connie

 The girls

 Meanwhile, inside, lunch is getting ready

 Super sweet Moxie girl

 Pot o' goodness

Canadian coleslaw. SOOO good.

 Lori and Mom

 Wisdom watching the antics of youth

 Gilbert walked around like this for quite a while.

 Lily refusing to smile, even though it was JoAnna's last day. sniff, sniff.

Ty trying to look brooding on a crooked little kids swing. 


 If you are going to play outside, you MUST have a wheelbarrow to wheel your books around with you.

 Game done, switch over

 And the weekend couldn't end without one notorious kid moment. The kids climbed up in Tori's closet, got down her paint and proceeded to paint  pictures on paper on top of Tori's new cream carpet. It is not so cream anymore. But thanks to Rachel and Clover and Dad, it is more cream than it was.
 Olivia is apparently the outcast

 Driving by to check out the progress of the ice cream

 Clover grudgingly giving Lincoln watermelon since he seems to like it. Do you see the disgust on her face? 
 Katharine doing her bit to make the world fly free

 Discussing how Ty could bypass washed out Keene Valley

 Gilbert enjoying watermelon and people

 He was filthy and sticky

 Owen taking a doggie break


 I was RIGHT there and I still don't understand what on earth they were doing. No one died.

  Elliott is so concerned, he decided to take a drink of water


 This truck was the unofficial hauler of the weekend

 We are slowly but surely trying to turn Fiona into a farm girl

 Fortunately, the Fire Department of Bronson was there to help us with our bonfire

 Bug spray. And Lincoln high stepping through the grass

 They unearthed the pump organ, which had been in a 15 year retirement. Justin looks like he just DARING someone to say otherwise.

 Austin pumped away

 Gilbert wanted DOWN. Mainly to go poke at the fire.

 Coyote wanted to sing too!

 A picture with potential for danger and destruction. If only Gilbert could drive

 Dale, Laura, and Dad. Laura is telling me to take a picture of Dad

 So I did

 Abby joined in on the violin while Tim illuminated

 Homemade ice cream and chit-chat

And that is all. Phew. I am worn to a frazzle. Pictures will do that to you. I will now go unfrazzle myself by contemplating laundry while I think about what to make Lily and Gilbert for lunch.


Virginia said...

Holy cats, there's no way I can comment on any specific photo. Let me just say, though, that the weekend looked absolutely fun! Although most of those kids were in kindergarten the last time I saw them and now I feel old. :-)

Verity Earl said...

Yeah, I really don't know most of those kids either! Some I recognize vaguely. I love the photo of Owen and Ashley arriving on the 4-wheeler (they look like a couple of rad kids), and the one of Gilbert alone on the 4-wheeler. So cute!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Love all the pictures, as per usual. You got a lot more pictures than I did, so yay for getting them up.

Katie said...

I just loved loved loved looking at all those pictures!! Looks like an awesome time had by all! :-)