September 27, 2011


Lily is four today. A fabulous four. She slept in a little this morning, so she didn't get to see Orianna or Daddy, but as she rolled out of bed at 8 all crazy haired, the first thing she said was "It's my birthday." Currently she is playing with her birthday present (a Playmobil farm) on the table in her room. Gilbert is in solitary confinement in his crib, since there are lots of small losable and swallowable pieces in playmobil farms. Autocorrect does not like me adding -able to whatever word I like. Autocorrect has no imagination.

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This is the playmobil farm. Isn't it darling? Evan and Justin accuse Clover and I of liking playmobil better than the kids and this might be true... But the kids do like it an awful lot too.

I did purchase virtual cyberspace from Google. How nebulous is that? It doesn't hit your account for 24 hours, so no pictures today from my camera. Until tomorrow or Thursday I will copy and paste pictures at will. I was debating whether I should just copy and paste instead of actually purchasing space from Google. But then I realized I was getting a spot to store my pictures, as well as uploading ability. Two for one! Yee-haw! Did you also know that you have a picasa web album associated with your blog? I didn't. Until blogger told me that I had maxed out my space on picasa. I went to look at my albums and some of them have hundreds of views. Who is looking at my pictures?  It might be combined with how many times the picture is viewed on my blog. Very interesting, learning all these things.

Have a beautiful fall day.


laura said...

Happy birthday to Lily!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love that Playmobil farm. And sure, I might be a little obsessive over Playmobil, but the kids do like it, too. I love it when kids are big enough to realize the Importance of Birthdays. Give that big girl a squeeze from us!