September 13, 2011

Before the Pig Roast pictures

Self improvement day 1 went fairly well. Still haven't lost 15 pounds or saved a thousand....maybe today!

Here are some pictures from the Thursday and Friday before the Pig Roast. Sooner or later I will get actual pig roast pictures up. I promise.


These strollers were full all weekend

Gilbert and Lincoln talking to Ashley and Rilla through the window

Haying girls

Auntie Lisa and Lincoln

Owen coming back to tell the girls that he will send the pictures I take of them haying to all applicable young farmers in need of a wife. 

Cheyenne mid-something or other

JoAnna and Livie

The kids who were a little nervous about getting this picture taken in the doorway of the barn, since they had been told if they came out of the barn, they would probably be killed by a falling bale. 

Cheyenne is too cool for this sort of thing!

Tori and J-rita

Walking in

Gilbert scrapping his cake pan

And being chocolate-y

Being delighted that people are singing to him! and Olivia and Tori.

Love this picture!

Walking with Daddy

The kids, mainly Cheyenne had raked the lawn into a large pile of grass clippings with this tiny rake. It was impressive.

This time, Dave Weaver and Tim Taylor were here too help.

JoAnna, the queen of the barnyard

Getting water boiling to dip the sacrificial pigs

The cool kids

Dave and Evan

Each time I see this picture, I think Orianna is carrying some kind of wild turkey. But it is just her doll with crazy hair.

Lily complimented Tim on his choice of blue. 

I didn't really want to get in on the killing pigs thing, so I came out after the fact

The piggie wiggies. After we roasted them and were eating it, Lily told Connie "The pigs taste so good and they don't even know it."

Dipping them, to make it easier to strip the hair.


Virginia said...

Haha, that Lily! And I noticed that doll's hair in the stroller and had myself a little giggle. Looks like me after I ride in the car w/ the windows down.

Verity Earl said...

Well, you have to leave some goals for other days. So no worries. Cute pictures! I love the ones of Gilbert with the cake. He is SO pleased with himself!